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Advertise with Me, My Shelf and I! 

Why Advertise With MMSAI?
- Your ad will always be on each page seen by our visitors!
- If you purchase 2 weeks or more you get a free ad design!
- We allow you to change your ad once a week for the duration of your ad space purchase!
Purchase as a group, save money and time!! Some restrictions apply*
- No extra cost for rotating/animated ads.

Questions? Want to book?
Contact: meandmyshelf(at)gmail(dot)comSubject: Ad Space

Not actual size. Please see ad under nav bar for actual size.

1070x100 High Rise
Located under the navigation bar at the top of the blog.

This size space also available along the bottom of the blog at 1/2 price!

1 Week $75.00
2 Weeks $125.00
 1 Month $250.00
3 Months $525.00


170x250 Tall & Skinny
Located in side bar.

For One
$6.00  1 Day
$85.00 - 2 Weeks 
$175.00  1 Month
$375.00 - 3 Months 

For Two (sold as a set, placed side by side)
$11.00 1
$325.00  1 Month
$800.00 - 3 Months


For more than 3 months, please request price.

350x200 Rectangle
Located in the side bar

$8.00 - 1 Day
$100.00 - 2 Weeks
$215.00 - 1 Month
$615.00 - 3 Months


**Sponsored Tweets & Statuses**
$10.00   a Tweet/Status
$55.00 for 8 Tweets/Status

Our 16K+  combined Twitter and Facebook followers grow each day. Instantly reach all them with a sponsored tweet/status!
Simply provide
 us the tweet/status, tell us when you would like it to be posted and let us do all the work!


For more information, bulk pricing or if you are in need of design help for your ad, e-mail me!
Subject: Ad Space

All Ads are subject to approval before being accepted
Terms and prices subject to change with out notice.
We DO NOT sell post space, or hire out for content on our blog.


Ads must be book, TV, movie or suitable product (Bloggers welcome!) related. MMSAI reserves the right to deny an ad based on it's content. 

Me, My Shelf and I: We average 25-30K Hits per month. We have 12K+ Twitter followers and post 1-5 times per day.

MMSAI Designs:  90% of the page views it get are authors, writers and publishers. MMSAI Designs, shares the same 9K+ Twitter followers with it's mother blog.

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