23 September 2016

{Movie Review} The Swan Princess: Princess Tomorrow, Pirate Today

By: Me My Shelf And I | 23 September 2016 at 11:46 AM |

Our Review
The MMSAI Kids have come to realize that when a package arrives it’s usually filled with awesome goodies they get to help me review. Early last week when this amazing treasure chest arrived from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Tiny MMSAI Spawn was super excited.


I barely got the package open before she was ripping items out and squealing with happiness, immediately donning the eye patch and the princess crown and asking 567,987 times in five minutes if she could watch the movie.

I’d like to point out that in order to get this photo of the kit all together I had to bribe the Tiny MMSAI Spawn and nearly lost a few fingers. I just want to make sure everyone understands the danger in blogging.

Tiny MMSAI Spawn is a big princess fan, and an even bigger music fan which makes THE SWAN PRINCESS: PRINCESS TOMORROW, PIRATE TODAY an all around perfect fit for her. Aside from the adorable tale of Princess Alise, bored of her family traditions and wanting some adventure in her young life, there’s bonus Sing-A-Long material! A Sing-A-Long people, who doesn’t love those?!

For once Tiny MMSAI Spawn sat quietly and watched, wearing her Pirate/Princess gear and using her adorable design your own telescope.

The MMSAI family will definitely be looking into the other SWAN PRINCESS movies in the franchise.



About The Movie

With her parents away for the summer, fun-loving, young Princess Alise must spend her time with Queen Uberta, training to be the perfect, proper royal...But what she really wants is to become a swashbuckling pirate! Princess Alise sets sail with Lord Rogers, Jean-Bob the frog and Speed the turtle on a bold, high seas journey filled with amazing adventure, danger and discovery. After a shipwreck leaves the brave crew stranded on a wild, mysterious island, they meet Lucas, a young boy who has been living in seclusion. Now the faithful friends must work together to escape the island and the ferociously hungry creatures that dwell there.


  1. The original Swan Princess was one of my absolute favorite movies when I was a kid! It's still a happy-place movie for me when I'm having a bad day. I'm so glad to see the franchise is delighting a whole new generation of kids.

  2. This looks so cute. Unfortunately my sprog is too old for this stuff now. BUt she used to love the Swan Princess


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