27 May 2016

#DashnerDash Kick Off & Survival Tips

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Alright Shanks, you ready? Let’s do this.


It’s day one of the #DashnerDash and that means it’s time to go back to the Glade. Over the next few months, myself and hundreds of other bloggers and fans will revisit Thomas, Newt, Wicked and the Glade– or perhaps experience it all for the first time.

I’ve put together a list of survival tips to help you out there, good luck everyone!

1. Hydrate Last I checked there’s no water fountains in the Maze, so before you settle in to read  be sure to have a supply of whatever you prefer to sip on. Nothing’s worse than having to get up for a refill when you’re in the middle of a great book.

2. Move At Your Own Pace Hey, we’re not all Runners. Some of us can’t keep up with Thomas and Minho, and that’s okay. You’ve got a month to finish the book so don’t worry about it. As for you Runners out there, you know who you are – the “read-it-in-one-sitting” kinda people – that’s great too! Just take notes and write down questions because James Dashner will be chatting with you at the end of each month in Google Chat!

3. Never Leave A Glader Behind You wouldn't catch Thomas running out on a fellow Glader, and neither should you. Reach out to your friends who are fans and get them involved in the #DahsnerDash. I also challenge you to bring a new reader to the Glade, use your awesome fandom powers, I know you have it in you.

4. Take Pictures Hey, the Maze might be scary as hell, but it can be pretty scenic if you have time to actually stop and look around. Okay, and if you squint and tilt your head a bit, and really dig ivy and stone…whatever. I wanna see you reading these books. Snap a selfie, have a friend take a shot, get a group photo, I don’t care just do it and be sure to #DashnerDash on Twitter AND tag me (@MyShelfAndI), because after all I really want to see these pics! I’m going to feature some on the blog as I do updates on my own #DashnerDash expierance.

Here we go – no turning back now!

image003 (1)forsidebardashner

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