05 April 2016

{Review + Giveaway} The Haters by Jesse Andrews

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Author: Jesse Andrews
Release Date: April 5, 2016
Publisher: Amulet Books
Rating: 4 Birds

From Jesse Andrews, author of the New York Times bestselling Me and Earl and the Dying Girl and screenwriter of the Sundance award–winning motion picture of thesame name, comes a groundbreaking young adult novel about music, love, friendship, and freedom as three young musicians follow a quest to escape the law long enough to play the amazing show they hope (but also doubt) they have in them.

Inspired by the years he spent playing bass in a band himself, The Haters is Jesse Andrews’s road trip adventure about a trio of jazz-camp escapees who, against every realistic expectation, become a band.

For Wes and his best friend, Corey, jazz camp turns out to be lame. It’s pretty much all dudes talking in Jazz Voice. But then they jam with Ash, a charismatic girl with an unusual sound, and the three just click. It’s three and a half hours of pure musical magic, and Ash makes a decision: They need to hit the road. Because the road, not summer camp, is where bands get good. Before Wes and Corey know it, they’re in Ash’s SUV heading south, and The Haters Summer of Hate Tour has begun.

In his second novel, Andrews again brings his brilliant and distinctive voice to YA, in the perfect book for music lovers, fans of The Commitments and High Fidelity, or anyone who has ever loved—and hated—a song or a band. This witty, funny coming-of-age novel is contemporary fiction at its best.


THE HATERS is a delightful stream of unedited consciousness from the mind of Wes. It’s blunt and hilarious and also a bit awkward, everything you’d want in a teen road trip book.

Here’s a few tips for reading THE HATERS:

1. Be ready to read it in one sitting. Perhaps, while on a road trip of your own. Please, not while you are driving though. One would think this goes with out saying…but we all know that one person.

2. Do not drink anything while reading THE HATERS. Undoubtedly Jesse Andrews will make you laugh so hard that liquid will come out your nose, and depending on what it is you are sipping on at the time, that could be both painful and embarrassing.

3.  If you are of legal drinking age, do not use the first chapter as a test of endurance to drink each time the word “dude” is used. You will likely end up in the hospital, or fall asleep drooling (or worse) on your copy. That’s just not attractive. Or safe.  Rest assured that the use of the word “dude” is necessary and not just Andrews way of using up page space while trying to irritate you to death.

4. Understand this is a band road trip book. Therefore all the things that one thinks comes along with it, does. Be ready for the big three – sex, drugs and rock and roll. Be really ready.

Jesse Andrews representation of the teen band road trip is both entertaining and full of learning experiences. I am in awe of the raw honesty dropped on the reader over and over, and welcome it with open arms. Far too often, authors dance around topics, carful of what might be said that could offend, but Andrews seeks it out and puts it in your face.

My final thought on things: I dig it man.

Early Praise

"truly hilarious….a teen road trip packed with music and drama." Kirkus

“an uproariously funny addition to the teen-road-trip canon...readers will be sucked into this story, a raunchy bromance in the vein of Superbad, which celebrates friendship and adventure... Effortlessly readable, deeply enjoyable, and, given the years since Andrews’ fantastic debut, well worth the wait.”Booklist, STARRED REVIEW

"... a classic road trip novel and a contemporary and inventive teen adventure.” The Horn Book

About The Author

JesseAndrewsPHOTOJesse Andrews’s debut novel, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, a New York Times and USA Today bestseller, was published to critical acclaim and starred reviews. His adaptation of the book for the big screen won both the Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Award at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. Jesse is also a musician and screenwriter. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts. Visit Jesse at www.jesseandrews.com.



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    Cassandra @ Book & Movie Dimension a Blog

  2. Rolling Stones is my favorite band. Why? Because of Keith Richards who is the greatest guitarist of all time! I can't get no satisfaction is my favorite song.


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