15 February 2016

Life Lessons from Gayle Forman on Me, My Shelf and I

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Life Lessons from Gayle Forman

I know I’m not the only one who’s sat quietly after reading a Gayle Forman book letting the lessons (and heartbreak sometimes) roll though me. A good book impacts you and a favorite author not only impacts you, but lives in you forever. I’m really honored to have been asked to participate in the Life Lessons feature on Gayle Forman.

What life lesson will I share with you? Well, I’m a big collector of quotes. As a kid I have notebooks full of them. Quotes from songs, TV shows, movies and of course books.

That said, I’m sure it’s no surprise to you that I have a million favorite quotes from Gayle’s books that I have collected over the years. Quotes that make my heart swell, that leave me remembering how small we are in a world so big but what a huge impact we have regardless of our size. Picking just one or two of them to share with you has been really hard. In an effort to dwindle it down, I thought to myself “If I only had a few minutes left, and want to tell you the most important things I have learned from Gayle Forman, what would I say?”. This is what I came up with:


I suffer from General Anxiety Disorder. In the past several months it has gotten increasingly worse and day to day normal activities that take me out of the house or around a lot of people have become hard for me. This was very difficult for me, my kids are active and have lots of events I need to attend. I have lots of friends and I am generally a fairly social person who actually likes to socialize and be with others, experiencing life. What does this have to do with the above quote? It reminds me to focused on TODAY. Right now. This minute. Enjoy today instead of stressing over tomorrow, or even the next second. Anything can happen in just one day, and the best thing I can do for myself is to stay in that one day as long as I can, until the next comes. Take the chance, go out, do something that is maybe outside my comfort zone a bit and each day will be better than the last. (Image: weheartit)


This is something that I wish I knew as a kid, and something that I wish I could actually remember as an adult. Things that matter shouldn't be easy. Love. Life. Work. If it’s important, it’s going to take some work and sweat and tears even. So when you find yourself on that edge about to quit, deciding that this isn’t what you need or want because it’s getting to hard – think about how great you are going to feel when it’s over and you’ve reached that goal. I promise you, if it’s easy, if you’re not slightly scared about what you’re working toward, then your dream isn’t big enough yet. (Image: LivingAThousandLivesThroughBooks)

What life lessons have you collected from Gayle Forman? Share them in the comments!

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  1. I adore Gayle Forman... In fact, I re-read If I Stay for my Reading Rewind feature, and possibly loved it even more the second time around. So, one of my favorite quotes?

    Sometimes, you make decisions in life, and sometimes, those decisions make you. This is a paraphrase, of course, but it's such a striking thought. We make so many decisions on a daily basis, some big and some small, but there are some decisions that are monumental in changing the course of our lives. We may not even know it at the time, but when we look back, we can see the turning point.

    I love Gayle's way with words. I can't wait to read her next book!

    Katie @ ShelfishlyAddicted


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