18 February 2016

{Guest Post} on Creative Inspiration from a New Point Of View by #Babylove author Corine Dehghanpisheh

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Thank you so much for stopping in today and checking out the guest post from author Corine Dehghanpisheh who was kind enough to share her thoughs on cretive inspiration with us. Corine is the author of #BabyLove: My Social Life, a humorus children’s book that looks at the life of raising a baby in the social age.

#BabyLove Book CoverCorine Dehghanpisheh

Creative Inspiration from a New Point of View
– by Corine Dehghanpisheh

I am always asked where do you get your creative inspiration?

One of my creative inspirations for writing and illustrating has come from the uniqueness of everyday life. So a few months after my daughter Lily was born, it was no wonder that I came up with the idea for the #BabyLove book series. Currently, I am working on the second book in the series called #BabyLove: My Toddler Life.

Thankfully, I started the second book before my family’s recent move to Dallas, TX. For over fifteen years my creative work was also inspired by city living; mostly in New York City and a short time in San Francisco. Both cities offered a plethora of exciting activity and people. I was never at a loss for ideas, subject matters or ambition.

Before we moved, we were living in a second-floor apartment on W. 14th Street. The building is at a sort of crossroads. It’s where three distinct neighborhoods all collide together– Chelsea, the Meatpacking District, and West Village.

This location provided the perfect spot for people watching and endless storytelling possibilities. Needless to say my daughter and I spent a good amount of time staring out our front window. Every morning and evening we watched all types of people walk by: Tourists with selfie sticks and every kind of device taking pictures, people on their way to or from work while drinking coffee and talking on the phone, delivery people, babies in strollers and dogs on leashes. While sitting on the window ledge, we observed all types of cars, motorcycles, large buses, taxi cabs, and every size truck imaginable.

As Lily learned to talk she waved and shouted “Hello!” to the people in the morning and “Bye!” over and over again in the evenings. The people couldn’t hear or see her, but we didn’t care. I enjoyed watching the pure innocence of her excitement and the unending storyline. It provided great character inspiration. Lily just enjoyed the waving and shouting.

Upon arriving in Dallas, Lily and I looked out our third-floor apartment window and viewed a different world. We discovered a parking lot construction site with hard working people, a big mall, some cars and every once in while people walking their dogs. For the first time, in a long time, I found myself afraid of what will be and wondering where will my inspiration come from?

I quickly realized I needed to learn from my daughter.

Since our move, she hasn’t skipped a beat. Lily doesn’t mind the new view. In fact, she has continued to grow by learning new words, making friends, going to school for the first time, all while experiencing an entirely different way of living.

Our physical views may have changed. Dallas may be quieter and different than New York City in many ways, but everyday life is still unique. This new environment is different for me. Instead of being worried about it, I should look at it with wide, open eyes- like Lily.

As I write this blog, I am reminded that creative inspirations can come from familiar routines or comfortable rituals. But, often it’s the unexpected happenings or challenging times that can be the most inspiring of all. It may take some time, but I am determined that my creative inspiration will pop again. (Writing this blog may have already helped me find that inspiration.)

I am curious, where do you find your creative inspirations?

About The Book

#BabyLove Book Cover#BabyLove: My Social Life is a children’s picture book written and illustrated by Corine Dehghanpisheh. It is recommended for modern day moms.

"Click." "Tap." Tag and Post. An adored baby tells a modern tale about life in today's digital world. #BabyLove: My Social Life highlights the social phenomena of sharing daily activities using technology and social networks.

"A charming modernization of the traditional bedtime tale.”- Reviewed by Kirkus

“#BabyLove: My Social Life, is a clever and entertaining look at raising children in the age of social media… The author's story flows beautifully, and her illustrations are brightly colored, cheerful and humorous… Dehghanpisheh's wry and subtle humor is evident throughout this story that will entertain adults as well as the children they share the book with. #BabyLove: My Social Life is highly recommended for tech-savvy parents and their babies.” – Reviewed by Readers’ Favorite

"#BabyLove offers a hipster view of contemporary parenting. Beneath the story of technological trendiness, however, lies a more enduring portrait of nurture and joy." – Reviewed by Foreword Clarion Reviews

#BabyLove was published in July 2015 and is available for sale on Amazon.

About the Author

Corine DehghanpishehCorine Dehghanpisheh is a children’s book author and illustrator. Her inspirations for writing and illustrating come from everyday life.

She was a Mom's Choice Awards® Silver Recipient and a Next Generation Indie Author Finalist for her debut children's book Can We Play Again?, which was published in March 2012. Her inspiration for this book came from her work as a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist in NYC.

Corine published her second children’s book, Buddy’s Dream, in November 2013, and her third children's book, #BabyLove: My Social Life, in July 2015.

When Corine is not busy being creative, she is most likely having fun taking pictures of her family. Corine lives in Manhattan, NY with her husband and new baby.

Readers can connect with Corine on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

To learn more, go to http://www.booksbycorined.com/


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  1. That is a very good question because I feel like I have surpressed my creativity for so long, I find it difficult to create mine when I need it the most! I often feel like it is like a writer's block, I guess it is a work in progress which is slowly coming back. So I hope it goes well for you and me! :)

    1. Thank you for your comment! I hope it goes well for you too. It will be so refreshing when it comes for you.

    2. I hope so, at the moment all I feel is a mental block :'( so I cannot wait either but thank you!


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