14 January 2016

{Book to TV} Shadowhunters S1E1 Review

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I know, I’m a little behind. SHADOWHUNTERS premiered on Freeform (formally ABC Family) on Tuesday night, and I’m just getting around to this now. To be honest, I just watched it last night and if you follow me on Twitter, you might already know a bit where this is going.

First things first. I understand the hardships of turning a book in to a scrpit are many. I knew from the jump that we would not have the EXACT same world as the books or even the movie. I’m not in any way irritated at the way the world is presented, in fact some of the changes are things that make me want to keep watching to see what they will do with them. Although, I have to admit making The Institute a bustling metropolis of Shadowhunters has me worried…You will notice that a lot of my irritations and dislikes about the first episode have to do with the actors, but more importantly the acting.

Let’s begin, shall we? I’ll start with the bad and head toward the good….

Jace played by Dominic SherwoodYou might remember him as Christian Ozra in Vampire Academy) What in the name of God did they do to him? He comes off as some brutish bully and he can’t even roll the necessary Jace level sarcasm off his tongue with out sounding like a robot held at gun point. He literally has no emotion…..LOOK!


I will be the first to admit that when they cast Jamie Campball Bower as Jace in the movie version, I was mortified, but I came around because he embodied Jace. He could do sarcasm, he had emotion, and he brought the character personality. This guy, he may as well be a paper bag for all he’s bringing to the show. Pull back on the “brooding monster killer” there sport…you’re bringing me down

Isabel played by Emeraude Toubia –  I’m not sure what bothers me more, the fact they basically have made her a high class looking hooker, or the sexual body language she has toward her brother Alec. *shudders*

In the movie version she looked about 45, so at least they are hitting closer to her age, but they are seriously overplaying this trampy, “comfortable with her body” thing.

Alec Lightwood played by Matthew Daddario – He looks just like Alec, he walks like him, stands like him – he’s cute as a button. BUT the poor guy has basically one line through out the whole show that’s just delivered in different ways “I should report this”. That’s it. I’m also sad they are rushing the fact he loves Jace a little (okay…a lottle) you see them fight together once and then we very rashly have Izzy dropping a truth bomb on this character we haven’t even had the pleasure to get to know for more than 8 seconds.  Poor guy. Here’s hoping he gets more lines because I have a feeling he’s going to be on my “Good” list when he does.

Clary Fray played by Katherine McNamara (You might remember her as Sonya in The Scorch Trials) – I’m on the fence with this one. On one hand, I dig that she’s got the Clary vibe and look but man was she whiny for at least 3/4 of the show. I’m on the fence with this one, simply because I feel like if I lost my mom, and house, and friend, and brand new shirt all on the night I found out monsters were real and my savior was an emotionless caveman..I’d be a little whiny too.

Simon Lewis played by Alberto Rosende – I couldn't even make up something to complain about here. I love him. He’s perfection, and definitely delivers!

Magnus Bane played by Harry Shum Jr. (You might remember him from Glee) DEAR LORD he’s PERFECTION. A redeeming factor in the hot mess that is this show. Drop everyone, give Magnus his own show – make it happen. I love him.

Jocelyn, Luke and Valentine are all people I’m holding out more to make a judgement call on. But can someone tell me what is up with the Circle members that looked like they were from a 70’s cop show? What the hell was that costume decision?

Final call on episode 1: Hot Mess, but I’m going to keep watching for now.  At this point I don’t think I will make it throughthe season though.


  1. You took the words right from my mouth!!! I was disappointed. I expected so much more.:(

  2. I'm glad you feel the same way about Jace and Izzy, although I quite liked Clary. However, given my initial low expectation, I thought overall it wasn't so bad. I will keep watching it, especially since I have Netflix!

    1. I'll give another few episodes a chance and see how it is. Teen Wolf is on the same night and time - so I'll always be a day or so behind. ;)

  3. So I might just watch the show for Magnus because I love that they're keeping him Asian. Yes. Also I loved Simon in the movie because he's from Misfits and the movie showed me that he could actually act haha. But IDK I'm not a huge fan of the TMI, but I got bad vibes from even the beginning. I think they're trying to do it "right" I guess, but from what I heard, the casting isn't the greatest. IDK I don't really trust a show that ABC puts on since I've never been one to follow any of their shows. They always seem like they don't really put a lot of effort into getting a really talented team. I could talk a lot about how the acting is, but that means I have to watch the show and idk if I want to do that lol.

    1. I totally know what you mean, I've started at least 3-4 of their shows and never been able to complete them. Ever. They tend to go totally bland and flat after awhile. I'm not holding out much hope for this one either.

  4. Okay, as a huge fan of the Mortal Instruments, I was actually quite surprised on how much I like the show. I honestly get every single on of your points. I myself am unsure of how I feel on Jace, and Izzy. But I am hoping that I will end up liking them as the show progresses.
    With that being said, as the show continues ( which I hope it does) that the plot will bring out the best in the character and they keep it as close to the book as much as they can.


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