04 November 2015

{Review + Giveaway} Cam Girl by Leah Raeder

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Cam Girl
Author: Leah Rader
Release Date: November 3rd, 2015
Publisher: Atria Genre: New Adult

Atria Books Paperback | ISBN: 9781501114991 | On sale: November 3, 2015 | 432 pages | US $16.00 | eBook: Atria Books | ISBN: 9781501115004 | On sale: November 3, 2015 | 432 pages | US $5.99


Vada Bergen is broke, the black sheep of her family, and moving a thousand miles away from home for grad school, but she’s got the two things she loves most: her art and her best friend—and sometimes more—Ellis Carraway. Ellis and Vada have a friendship so consuming it’s hard to tell where one girl ends and the other begins. It’s intense. It’s a little codependent. And nothing can tear them apart. Until an accident on an icy winter road changes everything.

Vada is left deeply scarred, both emotionally and physically. Her once-promising art career is cut short. And Ellis pulls away, unwilling to talk about that night. Everything Vada loved is gone. She’s got nothing left to lose.

So when she meets some smooth-talking entrepreneurs who offer to set her up as a cam girl, she can’t say no. All Vada has to do is spend a couple hours each night stripping on webcam, and the “tips” come pouring in.

It’s just a kinky escape from reality until a client gets serious. “Blue” is mysterious, alluring, and more interested in Vada’s life than her body. Online, they chat intimately. Blue helps her heal. And he pays well, but he wants her all to himself. No more cam shows. It’s an easy decision: she’s starting to fall for him. But the steamier it gets, the more she craves the real man behind the keyboard. So Vada pops the question: Can we meet IRL?

Blue agrees, on one condition. A condition that will bring back a ghost from her past.
Now Vada must confront what she’s been running from. A past full of devastating secrets—those of others and those she’s been keeping from herself…

Leah Rader's writing is, in a word: addictive. Once you open one of her books it's nearly impossible to put it down until you turn that very last page. You're engrossed, desperately in need of the next word. Scene. Chapter.

Each time I have finished one of Leah's  novels I am left with a mess of emotions and a sudden feeling of being abandoned. If not for the fact that I often have to move on rather quickly to the next book on my TBR to keep up with my review schedule, I would flip right back to page one and start the whole thing over again.

CAM GIRL, like her previous two published novels UNTEACHABLE and BLACK IRIS is this and so much more. Raeder writes the things your afraid to say, the things you're likely even afraid to admit to yourself you think.  She doe so with such blunt force honesty and a "I don't care what you think" attitude that lends such a full stop believable-ability to situations one might otherwise think to be unbelievable for themselves.

Vada Bergen isn't exactly a likable main character. I say this as a compliment, though you might be looking at this thinking…god what a bitch. The pure beauty behind the fact she's hard to connect with, is that you still do. Regardless of her faults, or the number of times you might want to shake sense into her, you fully become her while you read. This is what I look for more than anything when I read. I want you to make me the person in your book, I want you to leave no room between us, so that while I read I am not just looking at the pages, but living within them.

Thank you Leah Rader, for blowing my mind again. For leaving me blathering on with no real direction at the sheer awesomeness that is your books. Never quit, write us more. You are a true talent.

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About The Author

Leah Raeder is a writer and unabashed nerd. She is also the USA Today bestselling author of Unteachable and Black Iris. Aside from reading her brains out, she enjoys graphic design, video games, fine whiskey, and the art of self-deprecation. She lives with her very own manic pixie dream boy in Chicago. Visit her at www.leahraeder.com.

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