08 October 2015

Round 2: Guess The Author Halloween Edition

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Hello again mortals, you have made it to Round 2 in the Guess The Author game. This will only get harder from here on out – for the next 2 weeks we will have more photos for you to pick from!

The Test Continues!!! 

Everything is the same from last week, but here's a brush up for you!

We will have 3 rounds spanning 3 consecutive weeks.
Thursday the 1st, Thursday the 8th and Thursday the 15th


Each week all the good little monsters who get all the answers correct will be eligible to win that weeks $5.00 Amazon Gift Card or Pay Pal Cash prize.

All the witches and wizards who get all the answers right over ALL 3 weeks will be eligible for their choice of ONE of these MASSIVE prize packs:


The Rules

- Only answer using the SUBMIT ANSWERS HERE button Provided Below.
- DO NOT put the answers in the comments, or share them publically elsewhere!
- You must participate in all 3 weeks, and get all answers right on each of those days to be eligible for the grand prize.
-Each from will be open for one week only!
Answers and the grand prize winner will be announced on Halloween!

Let's Get Round 2 Started!

We have four authors on the game board today. When you are ready to answer please:
Suggestion – to see both sets of pics at once, try opening 2 screens and minimize them to sit side by side.


-- Then --



-- Now --


Renee Carlino – author of Before We Were Strangers  & more!
Patrick Carman – author of the Pulse Trilogy, Dark Eden , 39 Clues & more!
April Henry – author of the Point Last Seen  series, The Girl Who Was Supposed To Die & more!


DJ MacHale – author of the SYLO Series and the Pendragon Series
Lance Rubin – author of Denton Little's Death Date
Gretchen McNeil – author of TEN, Get Even and Get Dirty + more!


See You Next Week For One Final Round!

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