18 October 2015

{MMSAI Tours Presents} The Wynning Way by Maisha S. Wynn

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It's rare that MMSAI Tours works with non-fiction titles, we have to really believe in one and that is the case with Maisha S. Wynn and THE WYNNING WAY. A book full of  how to make  healthy choices and staying MINDFUL, which is something we all can use.

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About The Book

The Wynning Way: A Guide to Creating Success Your Way is the ultimate go-to guide for personal and professional development


The Wynning Way: A Guide to Creating Success Your Way
Written By: Maisha S. Wynn
Publisher: Live To Wynn Publishing, a subsidiary of Live To Wynn
Release Date: December 16, 2015
(9 days before Christmas) - Excellent Christmas Gift!

The Wynning Way: A Guide to Creating Success Your Way shows you how to develop your own winning lifestyle through exercises that inspire self reflection and strategies for creating the mindset of a winner.  Throughout the book, Wynn shares her personal journey from tragedy to triumph and offers inspirational nuggets on the power of prayer, the effect of positive thinking plus affirmations to help you live abundantly!  

Get ready to transform your existence by digging deeper to unveil the power that truly lies within you! Your time for wynning is NOW!

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The Wynning Way: Create Success Your Way is a winner! Maisha Wynn has not only developed an amazing manual for personal and professional development, but she inspires us all to live our very best lives even in the midst of life's harrowing circumstances! If you want to win in life, you must read this book!” -LEN BURNETT, FOUNDER AND CO-CEO, UPTOWN MAGAZINE

“This insightful book shares Wynn’s infectious enthusiasm to surrender to God's will and accept themselves as they are and develop a life the way they have imagined. Reading this book will definitely help readers bring positive energy into their lives and make the required changes they are looking for to achieve peaceful and happy lives.” -MAMTA MADHAVAN, BOOK REVIEWER, READERS’ FAVORITE

“It is no coincidence that Maisha's last name is Wynn. Not only is she winning, she is gracious enough to share her strategies to help others on their journey. Her book is Touching, Timely, and REAL! What I love most about the book is her ability to connect with the reader by holding them accountable for their own existence in this world.” -ANITA KOPACZ, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, HEART & SOUL MAGAZINE


Chapter 5: Visualize Your Victory

One of the greatest methods to achieving the life you were designed to live can be found between your ears! Yes, your ears. Your two beautiful, bright pupils hold the power to help you accomplish whatever you desire in life. What you see in your mind is not only manifested in your actions, but also in your thinking and speaking.

If you desire to be a business owner, it begins with your sight. If you desire to be a senior vice president at your corporation, it begins with your sight. If you desire to be a great journalist, it begins with your sight. If you desire to be a world-renowned opera singer, it begins with your sight. If you desire to be wealthy, it begins with your sight. You are literally just a glance away from the life you dream about morning, noon and night. I know it sounds simple, but what you achieve daily has a positive connection on what you spend your time and energy focusing on.

About The Author

Live To Wynn Headshot-2Lifestyle specialist, Maisha Wynn, gives credence to the mantra "a changed mind is a made-up mind." She heads up Live To Wynn, a company that provides aspirational and practical guidance for women and men who desire to live their lives more abundantly. As a former size 20 who now maintains a size 4 through exercise and healthy eating, Wynn knows firsthand how difficult and rewarding it can be to transform your life. She speaks around the nation and provides uplifting editorial content to various media outlets.





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