14 September 2015

{Read-Along} The Bitter Kingdom by Rae Carson, Chapters 15-28

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We're half way through the final book in THE GIRL OF FIRE AND THORNS series by Rae Carson, and this amazing read-along already! Can you believe it!?

Remember that we are also  fast approaching the arrival of Rae's new book, WALK THE EARTH A STRANGER which hits shelves September 22nd, 2015. Our fellow read-along'er Fiktshun has graciously donated 3 pre orders of this title to the read-along, so be sure to stop in below and enter for your chance!

As always, spoilers ahead – read at your own risk!

Chapters 15 – 28

You guys, I don't want this series to end. I'm midway through the final book, and I know that this basically means I have reached the peak of the roller coaster, and I'm about to fly to the bottom at full speed and then it will be over. Over. Done. No more. I'm really depressed about this.

The past 13 chapters were nerve racking, full of excitement and danger and even heart warming. How Rae Carson packs all these emotions into things, is beyond me. Here's a quick run down of things that stuck out to me through out:

- - Most important is that we get Hector back. OMG we get Hector back. I guess I always figured we would, but it was a load off when they finally rescue him.

- - When the gangs all together then make their way to the Invierno and man are they shocked (and so was I ) to fins that they have a living Godstone bearer – Lucero! He's been feeding their power for decades. He's near death, and you can likely guess why they allowed Elisa in to the city…they need a new willing sacrifice. 

- -  They total trick her and when she's talking to Lucero, they open a trap door and send her plummeting to serious injury. They are going to hold her until she's too weak to fight and then replace Lucero. Only, Elisa isn't about to deal with all that.

- -  Lucero power jacks Elisa to heal her so she's strong enough to form an escape plane. Of course, he asks that I return she kill him and put him out of his misery. If you spent countless years, laying on a stone slab with no food, or company wouldn't you want to die too?

- -  Elisa gets out, Stomr betrays then and takes the side of his father (oh didn't I mention that the leader of the Inverno is his father?) and that royally pissed me off. No pun in tended. I'd tell you his name, but much like the Joyans, I find the long names of the Inverno to be – well long and annoying.

- -  Most surprisingly to me is that Elisa often starts to question God. Is he really listening and answering her prayers, or is it just luck that things pan out when she prays.

- - The gang, with the help of Storm's sister Waterfall, head off to Unbra de Deus to cut off the rest of the Inverno who have gone to attack. Oddly enough – it's where Elisa sent word to have Cosme and her sister meet her.

- - Poor weather sends the gang into old tunnels which are filled with many perrils like false floors and giant deadly bugs.

I really can't wait to see how this all ends, but I'm still rally sad to see that last page.


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