09 September 2015

{MMSAI Children's Book Review} Austin Lost In America by Jeff Czekaj

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Austin Lost In America
A Geography Adventure by Jeff Czekaj
Publisher: Balzer + Bray
Release Date: September 1st, 2015
Pages: 40 | Hardcover $17.99
Ages: 4-8 | Rating: 5 Birds!

For fans of The Scrambled States of America, this is an irresistible new geography picture book—featuring an adorable dog character, unbelievable facts about all fifty states, maps, capitals, and so much more!

Austin grew up in a pet store, but he dreamed of finding a real home. . . . So one night he takes off with his trusty map and backpack to go in search of it.

In Ohio, he is almost bitten . . . by a policeman.
In Florida, he is invited for dinner . . . to be the main course.
And in Oregon, he finds the world’s smallest park.

Will he ever find the place where he truly belongs?
Follow Austin across America on a madcap journey in which he travels to each of the fifty states. Packed with fascinating facts and doggy tidbits that seem almost too crazy to be true . . . this book makes learning geography a blast.

This has to be one the most enjoyable children's books I have read in a long time. Let's face it, not all the picture books your little ones want read to them are interesting to you as well, and this really kept me going.

Austin escapes the pet store and travels the country looking for a home. Each page has several sates on it, with bright colors and interesting fact that are made fun because Austin is trying most of them himself.

I learned things about the states that were totally new to me, such as Luck Wisconsin (where my Grandfather had a hunting cabin) is known as the yo-yo capital of the world.The information about my homes state was well known by me, but not by my 6 year-old, who when she saw the drawing of the Mall of America proclaimed, "My favorite mall, mom!" – FYI – the fact we have that mall isn't the interesting fact about MN, you'll just have to read the book to find out what it is *wink*

What a fun way to get kids interested and familiar with the states! A must own for all homes!

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  1. Amazing book i read this and laughing because it was full of joke and its really entertain to children thanks for sharing personal statement for grad school .


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