11 September 2015

{Fantastic Fives} Will Your Blog Turn 5 In 2015?

By: Me My Shelf And I | 11 September 2015 at 1:30 AM | |


Hey Book Bloggers! Has your blog, or will your blog turn five in 2015?

Me, My Shelf and I and Two Chicks On Books is hosting a massive birthday celebration for all book blogs turning 5 this year, and we want you to join us! Meet new people, gain new followers and CELBRATE!


5 years is quite a milestone in the book blogging community! I'm sure you've seen blogs you love come and go over the time that you have been here for many reasons. We all know it can be hard to keep up, to read as much as you feel needs reading, finding the time to post – and so we want to put the focus on those that have made it to 5 – like Jaime and I!


Any book blog that has already, or will turn 5 years old before the end of 2015!

What and When

Starting on November 8th and lasting as long as it needs to – each day a new blog will have the spotlight on them with a small interview (which will be sent to you) and a giveaway of your choice, run however you want.  Your day will be on your blog! It will be all about you!

We will provide you with:

- The schedule
- Personalized Fantastic Five banner with your blog name on it!
- Fantastic Fives side bar badge, in a variety of colors to choose from.
- The fun interview which will be your content for that day.

All you will be responsible for, is providing your own giveaway!

The Details

Essentially, this event will run a bit like a blog tour, meaning that each blog will have their own individual scheduled day to post.

Each participating blog will post the schedule, so readers know who is next and keep up with the festivities!

MMSAI and TCOB will tweet out each days blog, as I am sure your fellow Fivers will as well!

This is a great way to find new followers, meet other bloggers you might otherwise have not met and just celebrate in general!

If this year goes well, even though our 5 year will be past, I hope to run this every year as a thank you to the tireless efforts of the book bloggers who work for free, read late into the night and give it their all!

The Giveaway

Your giveaway, can be for anything and everything you might want to and are able to give. I don't know about you, but I have a BOX of stuff I have gotten over the past 5 years that I either wound up not using, used and want to pass on, or just picked up in hopes of adding to a giveaway some day.

You can giveaway as little or as much as you like. US only or International.
The only rule is, you must have a giveaway.

Join Us!


Sign ups will close on October 5th
All who sign up will be accepted, provided that they are or will be 5 this year.

We can't wait to celebrate with you!
- Amber & Jaime



  1. This is great! My blog turned 5 in April, but haven't really done anything to celebrate it, so excited to be a part of this. :)


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