21 September 2015

{Children's Book Review} Fire Engine No. 9 by Mike Austin

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Fire Engine No. 9
Author: Mike Austin
Publisher: Random House BFYR
Release Date: September 22, 2015

Fire at the corner of 4th and Main! Go, Engine No. 9, go!
Told almost entirely in sound words, this day-in-the-life look at a fire engine crew will appeal to the youngest vehicle enthusiasts and to parents with a penchant for exuberant read-aloud sessions. With art reminiscent of that in Donald Crews's transportation books, Mike Austin evokes the excitement of a 911 call as we follow firefighters sliding down the fire pole, racing through town, and up the ladder truck.
Includes fire safety tips from the Federal Emergency Management Agency

For some reason my 6 year old has been obsessed with home fires, asking what to do and what might happen. Sure she did the trip to the fire station that all the kids do when they are young, but she wasn't really taught what to do. I firmly remember having STOP! DROP! AND ROLL! in my skull by 4, and knew how to get out of my house in case of a fire by 5. I just remember this being something I learned in school and was reiterated to me over and over. Clearly I needed some help in making this information available to my child– and thank you Mike Austin for being that help!

Fire Engine No. 9 goes through everything a Fire Fighter goes through to get onto the truck and to a fire, as well as putting it out and saving people. I LOVED that you often had to turn the book sideways to accommodate the pictures of the tall buildings and words.

And, at the very end is a list from the Federal Emergency Management Agency detailing what to do during a home fire. We have gone over the list so many times now, and she keeps Fire Engine No. 9 near her bed – in case she needs a refresher!

A perfect combination of fun and learning for any child!!

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