31 August 2015

{Read-Along} The Crown Of Embers by Rae Carson

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The end of the second book – already!? we are fast approaching the end of the whole read-along and the arrival of Rae's new book, WALK THE EARTH A STRANGER which hits shelves September 22nd, 2015. Oor fellow read-along'er Fiktshun has graciously donated 3 pre orders of this title to the read-along, so be sure to stop in below and enter for your chance!

Nest week we start the first of three parts of THE BITTER KINGDOM, but before we can do that – let's talk about this ending!

My Thoughts On Chapter 21-30

As always, I can not promise a spoiler free chat – so read at your own risk!

First things first – I need to confess something. Something that might make you all question my ability to be a book blogger. It's kind of a big deal but I feel like the end of the second book is a safe place to spill the beans.

This is my first time reading this series.

Here, hold still – I can light that torch and get you a sharper pitch fork if you like… I know I'm a horrible human being. I got busy, and the TBR got so long, and I was just drowning – DROWNING! I know you've all been there, maybe not with such an epic series though.

When I was asked to organize this, I went into my inbox and seared Rae's name. I don't know why exactly, but I did.  One lone e-mail came up. It was a note to and a response from Rae herself, from May 2011 – four months before THE GIRL OF FIRE AND THRONS was to hit the shelves. I was a wee baby blogger back them, with out even an ARC to fan myself with. (truth be told, I had just found out what they were!) I was, like everyone – looking forward to TGOFAT to hit the shelves, but I knew my blog was much too small and new to ever win the hearts of a publisher for an ARC, so instead I went for something even better. Having her on the blog.

Rae responded with kindness and excitement and even complimented my blog name *blush* – though sadly we never got around to setting up that time for her on my blog. Oh how I failed all those years ago by not following up for whatever reason... But here I am, redeemed (in my own mind at least) with 9 weeks straight of Rae and her amazing books.

Speaking of books, how many times did you say "Dear God woman, shut up and get to the review already" during that story. Just lie to me. *wink*

The ending was amazing. Action, adventure…all that and all the wonderful amazing way that Rae Carson can deliver it. However only one part of this last set of chapters registers with me, because I am so deliriously happy about it – and so I shall shout a few words (prepare for caps lock) and then gif you to death as a way of expressing what words can not.


1 aYou-Were-Fantastic


Hans Landa from Inglourious Basterds is excited


It's so cute – you thought here would be more review. Nope. This was it for me. The biggie. The things I thought I knew was coming, but didn't want to think about in case thinking about it made it not happen.

You heard me.


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