31 August 2015

.{Blogger Babble} A Clarification On The Banning of Sweeps Accounts

By: Me My Shelf And I | 31 August 2015 at 11:59 PM |


Since about 90% of you misread, misunderstood or just flat out twisted nearly every word in my post where I explain about the banning of sweeps accounts – I want to  offer some clarification.

Let's start with the basics:


  • I NEVER said Sweeps couldn't enter, I only said they should refrain from using their sweeps only social media accounts to do so. We have many options in our giveaways to choose from.
  • I NEVER said ALL the giveaways on this blog would be this way, only the ones hosted by me for my clients.
  • I NEVER said that if you ever, ever once ever used your Instagram or Twitter to enter a giveaway, you are a sweeps account. So  guess what, this means that the fact I have used one or both to promote a friends giveaway or enter one once every 2-3 weeks, DOESN'T make me a hypocrite.  To clarify what you so grossly twisted…I said: 75% (closer to 90% because of how I actually look at things)of the posts on an account or an account used ONLY FOR sweeps/giveaways makes a sweeps account in my definition.
  • I NEVER  said that I scroll through the winner names until I find one I like and choose it, because I'm rigging the giveaways by banning sweeps accounts according to many comments. I said I have to go though dozens to find one who's not cheating, so if you're not cheating you have nothing to worry about.


You all want, scream for, and demand fairness. Almost every comment is about that in some way shape or form. My new rule isn't fair you say. "Treat us the same, we do nothing wrong!!"

Yes, you are right MOST of you don't do anything wrong.

A group of you Sweepers are perfectly wonderful people just going on about your life hoping to win something. The ones that don't cheat or flood giveaways.

Read that last part again.
Now once more.
One more time just to make sure you got it.

I don't hate you.  Yes I dislike the group of you that wastes the time I could be with my children, or husband, or outside, or cleaning (maybe not that last one so much) and they drive me and 95% of all my book blogger peeps insane with their cheater ways and flooding of the giveaways. Unfortunately the good group is smaller than the bad.

I said this once before. Not one person retained that part. This isn't about ALL, this is about SOME and what I had to do to stop it.


My main, my biggest and the point EVERY ONE OF YOU MISSED, and people pointed out over and over and over to you -  yet you refuse to grasp is this: a handful of Sweepers ruined things for you here (and if you read the comments at all – on nearly all book blogs).


Something I wanted to post about in a cheating post this week, but I won't be able to now due to time, is these two very important things:

  1. If I went with the first name pulled each time I grabbed a winner, 1 of maybe 8-10  Sweeps accounts would always win. I call this group "The Careers" because this is all they do for a living and they are not always honest with entries.
  2. I have never, ever once had a cheater pulled for one of my giveaways that hasn't been a sweeps account. Not. Once.

Does this mean all Sweeps accounts are cheaters? NO.
Read that again.
Memorize it.
Notice how I'm not calling them all cheaters, I'm saying the cheaters I have pulled have all been sweeps accounts. There is a difference.



Unless you had 13 hours a day (making either legit or cheat entries)  to put into entering, you weren't going to win here.

Understand,that that is not me telling you this is what I want you to do to enter, I'm telling you that because of The Career sweeps accounts and the cheaters, unless you did – there was no point in entering. At all.

So you want me to be fair to you all, but if I am you'll never win?

Also, I'm sorry – wait no I'm not – I'm not sorry for what I'm about to say –  screw that. How is entering EVERYTHING so often no one else has a chance,  fair at all? Yes, "they did the work" but so did hundreds of other people, and now they have no chance at all. Not the good Sweepers and not my  "desperate for that book, frequent readers here for my content and not just my giveaways".

In my opinion these Career Sweepers are cheating just as much as those faking entries by deleting/unfollowing things after doing them. They are like the scalpers who buy out entire sections of Taylor Swift concerts and then sell them for 4x the face value. Which by the way – that is illegal for a reason in almost every single sate. I won't tolerate it here.

Once I banned the use of sweeps social media accounts for entering, The Career's stopped entering a million times a day, no longer stacking the odds in their favor. (I'm seriously still trying to figure out how they rig RC accounts to allow them more entries than are offered…)

The Cheating Sweepers took off mostly, knowing I was watching and verifying entries…which I have always done and will always do so this is just baffling to me – I guess I need to remind them now and again?

But left behind was the Good Sweeps accounts, who sadly had to be wrapped in. This isn't discrimination, and if you feel that it is why don't you focus on weeding out the ones who make you look bad, instead of attacking the people who have to react to avoid the issues they cause? Just a suggestion.

And while I may try making the option to tweet a one time only thing for some giveaways, I will still not for the time being and possibly ever reinstate the use of sweeps accounts to enter. Again, this doesn't mean sweepers can't enter – they just shouldn't use sweeps based social media accounts to enter if they meet the 90% – ALL giveaways on a weekly basis criteria.

Each giveaway has multiple entry options. They are options to allow everyone the ability to enter. No one expects you to do them all.


I'm a person too.
I have kids.
A Husband.
A House.
I have places to go and things to see.

Why is this relevant? Well, most of you who were screaming for fairness pointed out similar lists to me. You don't have time to spend 13 hours a day entering things? Well I don't have that time to spend filtering through cheaters to pick a winner.

Your time is no more important than mine, and I am trying to save us both hassle and precious minutes.

Also, I don't get paid for what I do. This isn't a 9-5 with a paycheck. My money comes from my design and promo work. And when I waste my time dealing with hundreds of cheaters when that's 100% avoidable – that's just bad business.

My numbers haven't and won't suffer – so threaten all you want. My page hits have quadrupled, the comments have boosted my ranking, the notes on Facebook have gotten me free promo…

LASTLY: And PLEASE read this next part CAREFULLY and ENTIRELY.

Sweepers are not my target audience:  No offense at all but dude's I'm a Children's, Middle Grade and Young Adult (mostly)book blogger. My target audience is 13-40+somethings (and this next part is the important part….)  who love to read –>and <--- want frequent news, reviews and info on their favorite authors, books, events and other book related things. This is not a book giveaway blog. It's a book blog.

I am sure for a lot of companies and big businesses, sweepers do a lot of good – but they don't do a whole lot for the book community. This doesn't mean Sweepers are not GOOD people (are you sick of me reiterating this yet? Perhaps you get it now? ) it also doesn't mean they don't do ANY good – it means for me and most blogs the bad outweighs the good – as made evident by the fact that the MAJORITY of the ones I (we) get are cheating in one fashion or another and causing us wasted countless hours filtering through them.

So please  understand how for me, it's no skin off my back if the sweepers threaten to leave here and not come back or share my things.  Sending another huge group of people to one of my giveaways who will only do the same thing as the one before, which BTW totally kills my bounce rate because they rarely click to a second or third page while here…doesn't help me or any book blogger.

I appreciate what they have done, but if my saying you can't use your sweeps dedicated Twitter or  Instagram or Facebook accounts to enter something saves me hours upon hours of my time – I'm okay with that. But if flipping out and screaming at me and calling me names is how some of you want to react to something, then I can't say I'm sad to see you go. #Sorry #NotSorry There are THOUSNADS f other blogs and MILLIONS of other giveaways to be had – what does it matter if one blog or one group of bloggers doesn't allow the use of sweeps based social media accounts for entry?

My Giveaways are NOT here just for sweepers, they are here for my readers first and foremost and when they suffered because of a bad group of Sweepers  (remember, this doesn't mean ALL – it means the BAD ones…)…well, what I was left with no choice. You'll notice on the original post only sweepers were angry – my readers were thrilled, my fellow bloggers cheered ad agreed.

PS: Oh and just FYI – a Raffelcopter with a bunch of entry options are just that – OPTIONS…no one expects you to use them all. It's designed to allow everyone an option because as so many of you pointed out, some of you don't use certain social media accounts….


  1. I think this response is extremely rude, and you would have done better to keep things more professional. I've been following you for years, but I'll be unfollowing now.
    Relevant article for your consideration: http://blog.rafflecopter.com/2015/08/stop-hating-on-the-sweepers/

    1. Thanks for sharing that post. I've read it. Several dozen times in fact. It's well written, I enjoyed it and am grateful it's out there. What you missing is the reason I banned Sweepers is because the only ones that have ever been pulled here - WERE CHEATERS. Fake info, blank entries, tweet than delete, flooding the entries not allowing any one - even other sweepers the opportunity to enter, every time. With out fail.

      If I was pulling these amazingly nice people who read the rules, and follow directions that are discussed and listed in that post - I'd be over the rainbow. But they are not the majority sadly, if they were - I'd have found some of them by now with my 1500+ giveaways a year.

      That post you shared, it goes on and on about how Sweepers hate cheaters - or what they call spammers. Well obviously not, because they all got banned here because of the cheaters/spammers, and I'm the one taking the heat.

  2. I appreciate your clarifying your points but just want to say that you can't say you don't get paid for blogging when right above you have a section for advertising where companies can pay you for you to advertise their product on your blog for certain lengths of time.

    1. "Can sell", sure. but as you can see I do things outright - I don't use any of the ad places that I could that sells and places ads on the blog for me, and that nearly all bloggers use - because selling it isn't important to me in the grand scheme of things.

      It's something I offer because people have asked for it in the past and it helps fill space in my side bar. More often than not, like all the ads you see now, they were given to the people - for free - not paid for. No money.

      So no. I actually do not get paid to blog. And feel free to check back over the next few months - doubt the ads will change much - the one up top has been there a year, unpaid.

  3. I didn't even know sweepers were a thing. Ain't nobody got time for that. Good riddance.

  4. I didn't even know sweepers were a thing. Ain't nobody got time for that. Good riddance.

  5. Good job standing up for yourself and banning sweepers. As for those who are still going to tear you down shame on them. Katrina standing up for yourself is NOT RUDE! Melissa Robinson she said she doesn't get paid a 9-5 salary only for her Promotional stuff which would include advertising and most bloggers get paid in pennies if they get any advertising at all. People who truly love books should appreciate the opportunities/giveaways brought to you by book bloggers and should support you not spam you out, cheat, or hate on you for making a positive change.

    1. Thank you my dear, it is much appreciated that you took time to write this :)

    2. I am a book lover and I am a book blogger. At no point have I "hated on". I apreciate all opportunities for new books. I have NEVER cheated nor have I spammed. In fact the reason why I have separate facebook account is so that I dont spam on friends and families accounts. I have never said a mean thing I've just said my honest feelings and reactions to what has been posted I have also said that she is allowed to what she wants with her blog. The thing is when you make a controversial decision you have to expect that people are going to come out and make their opinion heard. Heck, if you are on goodreads you know even book loving people can become rabid (ie authors behaving badly and the rabid fans who attack reviewers). I am not a fan of people attack people which is why I have never attacked her. I think it is healthy to debate. As I said in the comments I was once a follower of her blog even before this controversy (though I don't think I've ever entered a giveaway on here).

      Oh and TMBA Corbett, you say on one hand that standing up for yourself is not rude but those of us who are standing up for sweepers are being labeled as rude.

      There are so many more important things in the world than to freak out over whether or not I can enter a giveaway. I admit I was hurt by the swift way I would be cut from giveaway. But right now with my husband in the hospital it gives persepective and honestly not being accepted in a giveaway is not worth crying over. My husband's health is worth crying over...did that make sense?

      Sorry this was overly long. I'm going on two hours sleep in the last 48 hours and am UBER emotional. Anyway guess I'm just saying both sides are just trying to be heard and I don't think anyone is really hearing on either side.

  6. Wow, this post is because we "misread" you? No I believe the response was due to your offensive and completely unnecessary blog post(s). I can't believe someone would take the time to write all of this nonsense, not to mention the big/bold lettering. What people do in their own time is their business. Who are you to judge someone? Especially of their Twitter account or if they "sweep" for a living? Good grief. That's their life and if you're offering a giveaway to your readers, those that are on your site constitute as such. Simply because someone may enter a lot of sweepstakes doesn't negate that they're gaining you hits, publicist and are quite simply, a human being just like everyone else. It also doesn't mean they're cheating. Just like you spent all of this time judging an entire bundle of your readers and essentially telling them "they don't count," they spent time entering your raffelcopter, which has is open to anyone. This is an obvious justification for you to personally select winners based on your own preferences, based on who knows, previous winners who didn't thank you enough for their prize or something? Time is time! Focus on your own. After all, website hits is what you're focused on right? I don't see a lack of ads and sponsors on your blog.

    1. First off, if you're going to come down on someone for what you are calling "judging people" you should avoid judging them in the sentences prior....

      Second, if my blog is nonsense, please let me help you find the unfollow, block and any other button you might need to never see me again. I'm not begging you to stay any more than I expect my brand of blog to be for everyone. And honestly, if we were all the same, how boring would that be?

      Lastly, call it whatever you want, but I'm not apologizing for disqualifying people for blatantly cheating. I mean, okay...If you're asked to provide a URL to your tweet for proof of entry, and you give me "twitter.com" as you total answer... that's not cheating to you? That's me "judging them because I don't know their life", right?

      I guess we will have to agree to disagree on the definition of cheating...but BTW I agree with Webster on it: "to act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage,"

      And PS - the 1 ad I have was given away free, been there a year up at the top - the rest of the things in my side bar are things I'm apart of...groups..friends I support, things I run. None if it's paid for. And on most BOOK blogs, that's how it is.

  7. Ok. I have been reading the comments and, as a book blogger, I just want to make a few points, if I may:

    If you don't like what you read, you can go elsewhere. You are not helping your case or making yourself look anything other than uneducated when you leave comments swearing at the author of the post. Grow up.

    I host a fair number of contests and many times, I am the one funding them. I don't sell ads or make money on the side for doing this, and I feel the same way that Amber does, to be honest. That article about sweepers that people keep leaving is not relevant or particularly helpful to small to medium blogs that work hard to keep putting up very specific content. If I look at your contest-only accounts and you have 20 followers, how is that beneficial to me or to the person supplying the prize? Especially if I look and those 20 followers are bots. I mean, come on. I don't see these contest-only accounts with thousands of followers, and I do check. Just please understand that when I read the comments that are basically saying that you don't care because, presumably, you feel entitled to enter however you wish using whatever means you wish, I am also entitled to disqualify your entry. There are actual human beings behind these blogs. Is this really the person you wan to be? Threatening bloggers with less followers because we want to run fair giveaways? How is that helpful?

    I find this whole thing really discouraging.

    1. Thing is these people seem to think ANYTHING in your side bar is an ad you sold...??? LMAO - wouldn't that be great? I don't think people understand differnt kinds of blogs, function differently - which is cool - maybe now they will?

      Also, thank you for posting. I appreciate it. I adore you and the blog - always and forever.

    2. Ok number 1 my personal facebook has only 300 followers. My gaming/sweeps facebook? 3 times that. I have over 1200 facebook followers and they are not dummy accounts.

      Number two some of "these people" understand that there are all different types of blogs especially as this person is a casual book blogger. I don't advertise on my blog at all, no adsense, no companies, no authors or other blogs. I just blog about books, participate in weekly memes, and occasionaly will do a product review. I literally make zero dollars on my blog. Yes I am a small time blogger because my life is too complicated for anything other than casual. I do understand how things work. I am friends with a number of bloggers from small to large following.

      Anyway, again it is your blog you do as you like but please don't complain when people come out to defend themselves. You feel the need to defend yourself so maybe just maybe you should understand that others like to defend themselves as well.

    3. I should clarify becuase I believe in honesty. I make zero dollars but I do get review copies of books from authors, publishing houses, and netgalley. But that is par for the course for any book blogger/ serious reviewer.

      I respect that you have a large blog and know that it is very hard to maintain. I get it. I really do. I don't host giveaways anymore because of what a pain they are. I totally undrstand all the work that goes behind it (especially with a smallish blog). Between promoting and tracking things down. I too have had to make sure people do what they say but I only ever disqualified those who said they did something and didn't. I get the frustration. I get that yes there are people that cheat. But guess what it is not always sweepers that cheat it is readers that cheat too. I get that there is a higher percentage among those who frequently enter sweeps. I get it I do.

    4. I am going to address your comment Kate in the nicest way possible. That article is EXACTLY for small and medium sized blogs. You are confusing scammers with "Sweepers" just like this blog owner is. Scammers will give you half information or leave things blank. Yes disqualify those by all means. They aren't complete entries.

      This blog owner has stated she scrolls through tweets to make sure they aren't all giveaways. I had to verify my account with twitter, did it. I have 1400 followers on twitter and next to none are bots they are bloggers, companies and guess what? other sweepers. I have 1 twitter account, that's a giveaway specific account. None of my friends are on Twitter because it's "pointless" It even says I am a giveaway fanatic on my profile. I have 22.1k tweets, Do you really think I'm deleting tweets? Yeah no. Sweepers if you check have thousands of tweets. They have a little info on their profile too. Bots? Don't have it.

      There are real people behind sweeper accounts too and that's what you are forgetting. The majority of the comments are from real people who are pissed off that you are disqualifying entries because you feel like it.

  8. Hmmmm. I've been reading these comments over the past couple of days and I'm not certain what to say. I only have one twitter and one Facebook. I've been online since 2006 and started out with Southern Savers and somehow got into the giveaway thing. I talk to people on both, but mostly I do giveaways when I have the time. I know alot of bloggers and I have never heard of deleting tweet urls. Why would someone do that? Maybe I'm naive, but why would someone delete a url? If they tweet and copy the url, that's an entry, so why delete it? I just don't understand. When I enter a giveaway, even if I've been following a blog for years, I always double check to make sure I'm following everything.

  9. Are you serious? This post must be a joke. I am proud to call myself a sweeper. I am not ashamed. No, it is not my complete life. I do have a life. I have a business on ebay, and I strive to work hard. But yes, in my spare time, I enter sweeps. It is a way for me to unwind. A way to relax. I have met lots of nice sweepers and with any demographic, there are bad apples. But labeling all sweepers as bad, or as you phrased it "the majority" is not fair. And I am not a fan of social media, and I do not have personal social media accounts, because I do have a life. I do not have time in my day to post photos of myself and update my status to "eating lunch". I am not self involved. But I do have accounts for the purpose of sweeps. You make it like "most sweepers" strive to cheat, and to plot against you. It sounds to me that you are a bit paranoid. I don't think it is the sweepers with the problem. Maybe, you are just insecure, and extremely paranoid. If I was prejudiced against my Ebay customers, like you are with some of your followers, my business with fail. Maybe, you should learn to embrace new followers. And if sweepers upset you so much, then stick to articles and forego the giveaways. That is my two cents. Don't worry. I won't burden you by following your blog or entering your giveaways. And FYI, I don't cheat. Just in case you care.

  10. You lost over a hundred. YES A HUNDRED Facebook followers in not even a week. "Sweepers" un-followed you really quick and your social media engagement on facebook is nadda, zip, zero, nothing! You even lost readers too. Your page views are up because of sweepers. Clients, that look at numbers, are going to wonder why the spike and drop when your "viral nature" post dies down. Would you want to work with someone who was limiting your audience? Said audience is the top engaged? No! You wouldn't and neither should they.

    It just baffles me how you can limit your clients and expect to grow your blog at the same time. It also baffles me that you can read the Rafflecopter post and not understand a thing that was talked about in there.

    I just shake my head because I'm a sweeper and I guess I know more about your business then you do. Thank you college degree! If you are losing readers left and right, you are losing customers for your clients that's the bottom line here. Clients aren't going to appreciate that too much. Funny thing, I'm your target market but sadly I won't be reading anything posted because I could never be sure my entries would count and I am not going through wasting my time trying to find out if they do or they don't.


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