20 July 2015

{Read-Along} The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson Chapters 12-23

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Myself and 4 other awesome bloggers will be reading along to the ENTIRE The Girl of Fire and Thorns series by Rae Cason leading up to the release of Rae's newest novel – WALK ON EARTH A STRANGER on September 22nd.

Please note for those of you who have not yet read the series, there will be spoilers ahead.

My Thoughts on Chapters 12-23

Half way through THE GIRL OF FIRE AND THORNS – already!

We ended the first round, one chapter before Part 2 starts, a little bit of a cliffhanger there if you do that! We leave off with Elisa being kidnapped out of her bed in the palace. Quite the feat if you think about what it would take to get her out, what with the guards and Ximena just in the next room.

I was really bummed about this because I felt like things were going so well at the palace, particularly with  Alejandro's son – as incorrigible as he might be. And Alejandro had just decided to tell his people of their engagement. No, it's not the full truth – but a step closer to it. Hiding the marriage, while I understand it for what it is was necessary, but it made my heart sad.

There's a several days trek through the desert in which we learn about the captors (Cosme!) and Elisa learns things about herself. A lovely character ARC begins here, one I see only getting better!! By the time the small group make it to the camp of wounded, Elisa has lost some weight and gained some self confidence.

Along with Elisa we learn more about the Godstone, and the previous bearers. Something that was kept from her her whole life, for reasons that are still becoming totally clear.

Humberto, the boy who was with when Elisa was taken (Cosme's brother), takes it upon him self to watch over her, and sleeps on the floor by her to protect her at night.There are things stirring here – it's clear he has taken a liking to her.  Elisa slowly intergrates into the group, though still uncomfortable.

What I love is that, like with the palace, Elisa melds in to her surrounding. She learns all she can about the people and helps them. She helps them plan survial and fighting to gain that from the Invierne. They trust her enough to take her on a scouting trip to learn more about the common enemy – and that is when all hell breaks lose, again. Kidnapped. Part 2.

We also now have a traitor on our hands – one of the group off to check the camp of the enemy…I never liked him either to be honest – but I won't say who. I've given too much away already!

Important things that happen..recap

  • Kidnapped. Twice. Yes, twice.
  • Elisa is determined to learn the history of the previous Godstone Bearers and hopes that it helps her in harnessing the power she now has.
  • Cosme seems to want to kill her a little less.
  • In order to gain the trust of the people in the small camp, she tells them she is not just an honored guest of the King, but his secret wife. Humberto was not please…told you he had feelings for her.
  • Cosme, Belin, Humberto and Elisa travel to the the Invierne to better asses their enemy, and devise a plan of attack.
  • The Godstone protects them by alerting Elisa to danger when it drops in temperature to below freezing. Can you imagine having ice jammed in your belly?
  • Steals other Godstone.
  • Escapes.
  • Humberto.


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The Read-Along
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