13 July 2015

{Read-Along} The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson Chapters 1-11

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Myself and 4 other awesome bloggers will be reading along to the ENTIRE The Girl of Fire and Thorns series by Rae Cason leading up to the release of Rae's newest novel – WALK ON EARTH A STRANGER on September 22nd. Today, we kick it all off.

Please note for those of you who have not yet read the series, there may be MINOR spoilers ahead.

My Thoughts on Chapters 1-11

Firstly, I think I should note that this is the first time I have read THE GIRL OF FIRE AND THORNS. In fact it's the first time I have read Rae Carson at all.  A few other of the bloggers joining me on this read-along are re-reading the series and I love that we will all have slightly different takes on things because of it.

Not going to lie, first thing I thought when I read of the placement of the Godstone was, "She's a troll?" Maybe I'm dating myself here – some of you might not even remember troll dolls – but the ones I had as a kid had a jewel in their belly button. It took me a good chapter for the Godstone to hold it's own for me so I no longer associated it with this:


The fight scene in the jungle was amazingly realistic, and I find a lot when I am reading high fantasy novels that, even though they are fiction and I should expect things to not be real – they are so unreal (or poorly written enough) that I can't even pretend they could happen. This felt real, like if I looked out into my front yard I would see it unfolding right before me here in the middle of Minnesota.

Now, I'm only 11 chapters in and I have so much to learn yet – but I do have one really burning question/concern. It has to do with the constant noting of Elisa's weight, and how often she thinks of food/asks for food.

I'm desperate to find the reasoning behind this and how it plays into the actual story-line. Is it the Godstone requires her to be nourished more than most? Or is she just the type that eats her feelings?  We've all been there girl!  tumblr_inline_mi2ffmft181qzlsomI mean, it has to have some meaning more than just repeatedly pointing it out and how it contributed to the breaking of her hand maidens leg. I tried looking up some fan art to see how others view her and I see nothing more than an average, healthy (and that's not my nice way of saying fat…) girl. Sure, she's no Vickie's model, but who is?

Important things that happened in this chapter: Left vague on purpose for the sanity of those who have not yet read the book…

  • Wedding
  • Jungle Fight
  • Hiding she's the Queen
  • Possible Mistress for the King?
  • Loss of Hand Maiden
  • Meeting the Priest and learning more about the Godstone
  • Meeting of the Five
  • Meeting the Prince

All these concerns and questions only have more more intrigued for the next batch of chapters – which I will not be waiting to read.

The Read-Along
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