24 July 2015

{Movie Review} Kingsman

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A high-action, clever take on the good old spy movie where no one is safe, and every one could be your enemy.

I always fight the spy movie, no matter how entertaining they look, it always takes me the longest time to watch them. Then I end up 5 months after they are out, reviewing it and finally seeing what everyone else did. You know, like right now.

Heading up the big names of the cast are Michael Caine, Colin Firth and Samuel L. Jackson. We round things out with a band of no-names like Taron Egerton and Sofia Boutella – both of which I really hope to see in upcoming projects because normally the no-name tends to be a disappointment to me, but not in this case.


downloadLow level blood splattering, head exploding cleverly covered with fireworks and cleverly detailed violence makes this a lot less "Tarantino" than one might expect, and more Austin Powers in the fighting/death department. Don't get me wrong, the body count is high, in fact I'd like to measure it up against a Tarantino movie, it's that many.

Only comparable to the death count is the number of times they swear. With the main character a proper British street kid, the language is to be expected and should ne no shock to you. If you're not listening carefully enough you might miss some of the colorful cuts they use. I married into an English family so I missed nothing and LOVED every minute, in fact I learned a few new ones I might be using in traffic from here on out.

Overall I was thoroughly entertained, and though I wanted to shoot Samuel L. Jackson dead because of the ungodly (and unnecessary) lisp he uses though the movie – I'd watch it again and again! The graphics were the right amount of bloody and action packed for me and even though the character ARC was predictable as were a few other elements of the movie, something totally different wasn't the aim of this movie I don't think. It was a spy movie, and spy movies will never go out of style.

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  1. I've heard loads of great things about this film too but still haven't been to see it too :( Now that I've seen yet ANOTHER good review of it, I guess I should probably make an effort to get a copy of it ;p Great review! :)

    Laura @ What's Hot?


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