13 June 2015

{Children's Book Week} Bear and Duck by Katy Hudson

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Bear and Duck
Author: Katy Hudson
Release Date: May 12th, 2015
Publisher: HarperCollins

Debut author-illustrator Katy Hudson brings to life characters Bear and Duck in this hilarious story about a bear who is fed up being a bear and wants to be a duck.
Bear is sick and tired of being a bear. Who wants to sleep all winter? His fur feels so hot in the summer. And the bees . . . there are just too many angry bees! Bear is done being a bear. But when he sees a line of happy yellow ducklings, he has a thought. What if he could be a duck?
With a few duck lessons from Duck, Bear learns that being a duck is fun; but as it turns out, Bear realizes he makes a really good bear . . . and he makes a really good friend along the way. Young readers will delight in the hilarious relationship between Bear and Duck.

Adorable. Just flat out adorable. Bear is sick of being a bear, and that is something we can all related to – amiright? I mean have you never been fed up with what you were doing and wanted a change? Well Bear does and he decides he's going to be a duck.  Duck decides he will help Bear become just like him and proceeds to give him lessons. As you can imagine, a bear trying to be a duck is bound to have it's issues! A perfect moral that teaches you to be yourself!

This one has moved to the top of the bedtime story pile in our house!

What Did "6"have to say about it?

Did you like it?
Yes I did, it was good! Can we read it again?

What was your favorite part?
The bear trying to swim like a duck. That was funny.

Who was your favorite character?
I can't pick I like Bear and Duck.

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BEAR AND DUCK by Katy Hudson
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