11 May 2015

{Giveaway} Words Made Flesh Series from AdriAnne Strickland

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WORDLESS has been out since last year, and coming later this year the second book in the Words Made Flesh series by AdriAnne Strickland, LIFELESS will be out in stores. But you can own it before it's released.

Author AdriAnne Strickland has received a very limited number of ARCS of LIFELESS, the small number of one and she wants you to have it! Not only does she want you to have her only ARC, but she will sign it and send you a finished copy of WORDLESS – and sign that too!!

About the Books

Wordless Final CoverLifeless Final


"I'm Tavin—die—I'm Tavin—kill—I'm Tavin—destroy

I'm the Word of Death"

When Tavin Barnes escaped Eden City with Khaya, the Word of Life, he became the most-wanted fugitive overnight. But he never expected his flight would end with the ultimate curse: becoming the next Word of Death. Now he's a prisoner inside the Athenaeum, where his new life under the Godspeakers' control has begun.
As the Word of Death, Tavin can kill with a touch, an ability he must learn to harness or risk hurting the people he cares for. But Ryse, the Godspeaker charged with Tavin's training, is pushing him to be as ruthless as she is. Her goal: make Tavin an elite assassin, whether he wants to be or not. His first target: the Chinese ambassador to Eden City ... and that's just the beginning.

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Lifeless Teaser



One winner will get a finished copy of WORDLESS and an ARC of LIFELESS
Ships in US only | Must be 13+ To enter

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  1. I would like to be able to see the future so that I can be prepared for anything. :)

  2. Just discovered this blog and I can't get off it! Thanks and keep up the great work, you have a new reader :) Also, this book looks really interesting, hope I win!

    Jai at Ficlov


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