18 October 2014

{Spotlight} The Long Road Home by Megan Duncan

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The Long Road Home
Author: Megan Duncan
Release Date: November 14th 2014

Jenna had heard the phrase, ‘Home Sweet Home’, but she never really knew what it meant. Growing up with a neglectful mother who moved her and her brother from town to town, and a father that had been absent all her life she’d never had a place to call home; but she vowed to have one someday. Jenna had a plan in place, an escape for her and her brother, but when her mother’s bad habits turn her world upside down she has to decide what she’s willing to sacrifice to save the life she’s always dreamed of.

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Praise for The Long Road Home

"It was a firing squad of mini-skirts, pony tails and excessive body glitter."

About the Author

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Megan Duncan is a lifelong reading fanatic who is now living her dream as a writer of Young Adult Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance, Dystopian, and Fantasy. She has two crazy cats that like to sleep on her keyboard. Her addictions include: chocolate, zombies, Pepsi, and her favorite TV shows. Want to know more? Just ask.

Twitter: @MeganSDuncan

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  1. The synopsis has me intrigued! This book looks good! Thanks for sharing! :)
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