29 June 2014

{Book Review} The Art of How To Train Your Dragon 2

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The Art of How To Train Your Dragon 2
By: Linda Sunshine
Publisher: Newmarket Press
Release Date: May 6th, 2014
Rating: 5 Birds


Here is a look behind the frozen fjords and ice caves of Berk at the making of the sequel to a beloved animated classic. This full-color, lavishly illustrated book features more than 650 paintings, drawings, sketches, models, film stills, lighting studies, color keys, story boards, and photographs. Along with quotes from all the principal filmmakers there is also an introduction by the writer/director Dean DeBlois and a foreword by Gerard Butler, the voice of Stoick.
In this brilliantly conceived sequel, we are on a journey of exploration to new lands, four-winged dragons, long-lost love, vicious and powerful enemies, and ginormous Bewilderbeasts.
How does a movie of such imagination and magnitude come into creation? Well, you begin with an incredibly talented team of artists, writers, engineers, animators, modelers, and tech wizards and you let their creativity soar. The result is a stunning, original vision—bigger, better, and fiercer than ever—of an earth-shattering, fire-breathing sequel to the legendary story of Vikings and dragons in the frozen north.
Hold on to your dragons, fans and friends, you're in for the ride of a lifetime!

This is an ABSOLUTLE must for any fan of How To Train Your Dragon, art or Dreamworks! When it arrived in the mail my 5 year promptly declared it was hers and spent hours (hours!!!) flipping the pages! This coffee table sized book has been dragged around my house, and loved to the point that it's showing wear. I normally would be a bit freaked out about this – I like my books pristine and beautiful – but the joy it brings Little here, can't be denied and so it has become hers!


It's beautifully illustrated, complete with all the Vikings of Berk and the fine details that went into creating and dressing them, the inside of all the ships, dragons and lands within the movie. It even covers the music of the movie and how it all flows with the illustration – it's truly a magnificent book!

The level of detail covered is so extensive it will show you things you might not notice in the movie otherwise. I know that that I will see the movie with a whole new perspective, a whole new appreciation for everything that goes into the creation of an animated movie! And with how much Little (and the rest of us in the House Sweeney) loved the first movie – we will be seeing this one dozens of times!

Take a peek inside:



Photo credit for inside images of the book to www.rotoscopers.com

This would make a great addition to your library, your child's library and even a fantastic gift!

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