15 May 2014

{Book Review} In The End by Demitria Lunetta

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A heart-stopping, totally amazing way to wrap up her debut duology! I can't want to see what Demitria Lunetta comes up with next!

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In The End
In The After #2
Author: Demitria Lunetta
Pages: 448
Release Date: June 24th 2014
Publisher: HarperTeen
Rating: 5 out of 5 Birds!

The thrilling conclusion to In the After, the survival story of Amy and Baby, set in a near future where Earth has been overrun by vicious, predatory creatures.
It’s been three months since Amy escaped New Hope, and she’s been surviving on her own, like she did in the After. Until one day, her former fellow Guardian’s voice rings out in her earpiece. And in a desperate tone, Kay utters the four words Amy had hoped she would never hear: Dr. Reynolds has Baby.
Now it’s a race against time, for Baby is in imminent danger, her life threatened by the malevolent doctor who had helped start the end of the world. In order to save Baby, Amy must make her way to Fort Black, a prison-turned-survivor-colony, where she will need to find Ken, Kay’s brother. He alone holds the key to Baby’s survival.
One small slip-up on this quest could spark a downward spiral that would not only cost Baby and Amy their lives, but threaten the very survival of the people in the After.

Oh. My. Final-Book-In-A-Series! This was a fantastic final book, my only complaint about it is that it's a duology – NOT a trilogy! I could seriously handle several more books in this world.

IN THE END picks up a short time after IN THE AFTER ends, Amy's escaped New Hope and is on her way to Fort Black in hopes of finding Ken, Kay's brother – who will be able to help get Baby away from Dr. Reynolds. Nothing made me more sick to stomach to know that poor Baby was being tested on by that evil man!

If you thought that the After and New Hope were incredible worlds – just wait until you see Fort Black. Demitria Lunetta out does her self on an epic level with the social structure and people you will meet once you are behind it's walls. Amy's used to taking care of herself, handling things on her own. Fort Black sets her head spinning when she has to act like she belongs to  Jacks in order to survive the day to day life while she tries to find Ken in it's unorganized set up and many off limits areas.

Between the tension between Amy and Jacks are they struggle to survive alongside each other in a small jail cell they call home. The race to find Ken in time and the UNBELIEVABLE twists and curve balls that help all the pieces fall together perfectly, IN THE END will keep you on the edge of your seat and flipping pages as fast as your little eyes can read them.

I am in LOVE with this series, it's officially on my "I will force you to read this if you even mention books to me" list.

If you're looking for a whole new take on dystopian. If you like a little sci-fi sprinkled in for good measure. And if you enjoy constant action, you will love IN THE AFTER and IN THE END! Pick up IN THE AFTER now so you're ready for when IN THE END comes out!

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