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Should someone who doesn't really like YA books, play the beloved parts of our characters in the movies?

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Two totally different books, from two totally different authors. Both being made into a movie and both starring Chole Grace Moretz (apologies for not knowing how to put the dots above the 'e' in your name, Chole)

Moretz seems to be the new Book To Movie IT Girl. First with Stephen King's 2013 adaptation/remake of Carrie (which also starred Ansel Elgort…this info will come in handy later) Then she's of course playing Mia Hall in Gayle Forman's IF I STAY movie adaptation:


And now  news has been released that she's accepted the main role in Rick Yancey's THE 5th WAVE movie adaptation.

Now, I quite like Moretz. I don't recall a movie I've seen her in where her acting ability hasn't blown me away. Even being wary of another Carrie remake, I loved that she made that role her own. She's a great actor, there's no question about it. But Moretz was quoted saying something that might be a little unnerving to fans of YA. And while it could have been said in the heat of the moment, or because she was bummed out that she wasn't getting the new lead roles from the YA Book to movie adaptations – who knows. The point is she did say it, and I want you to tell me what you think about it:

And while the actress didn't previously have a whole lot of love for the YA label — she recently told Entertainment Weekly that she sees young adult fiction as unserious and lacking in depth…*

Q: Are you still excited about Moretz filming 2 YA book to movie roles, even knowing where she stood on the genre of books?

Q: Is this just a case of her needing to find that right book to change her mind, do you think?

Let me know your thoughts on those in the comments! But before you go, I have one more thing to note…has any one else noticed that Hollywood seems to keep using the same actors over, mostly I the Book to Movie adaptations…

Miles Teller – The Spectacular Now, Footloose, Divergent.
Shailene Woodly – The Spectacular Now, Divergent, TFioS
Chloe Grace Moretz – If I stay, The 5th Wave, Carrie
Ansel Elgort – Carrie, TFioS, Divergent,

I have no issue with Hollywood putting the best and brightest out there for movies. The right person always seems to get the role, despite what I feel about it at casting time.

What I AM SAYING is that after awhile, I'm going to start getting bored watching the same 4 people play roles over and over.

Q: Do you feel like this too? Or are could you be happy if these 4 did all the roles for the rest of time?


*Quote source,


  1. I don't have a problem with actors in YA movies not reading a lot of YA, but outright proclaiming their distaste for the genre is just... I don't really have a word to describe this.
    Casting the same actors over and over again is the movie industry's ploy to make money. They're relying on the popularity of an actor with the YA audience to bring in more viewers in other movies. I'm really excited to see Shailene and Ansel in TFiOS. I love the book, and it'll be cool seeing how they perform in a completely different genre. Nonetheless, I totally get what you're saying about wanting more variety. I don't want to see the same cast in five different different movies within half a year.

  2. I definitely think it is pretty inappropriate for an actor/actress to say negative things about the genre they are working in, that's just bad PR if nothing else. And I agree that it would be nice to see some new faces in movie adaptations. In some cases if the person is right for the role that's fine, but it seems like the easy option and I think it can be negative as book-lovers have such preconceived ideas of who characters are that casting the same person repeatedly just won't work.

    R x


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