Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Well John Green fans, get ready because according to Hypable and John Green himself, PAPER TOWNS is getting a movie adaptation.

From Hypable:

Though The Fault in Our Stars is still over two months away from release, Fox 2000 is already planning the next John Green book they’ll bring to the big screen: Paper Towns.

The studio is moving ahead with a Paper Towns movie and will bring back the same team that wrote and produced Fault for Fox. That means screenwriters Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber are writing the script, and Wyck Godfrey is returning to produce. Green will executive produce – a title he did not have on Fault, though he was very present on set.

In addition, Deadline reports that the film will be designed around Nat Wolff (pictured above) starring as Quentin. The actor has the role of Isaac in Fault and was last seen in Stuck in Love, directed by Fault helmer Josh Boone.

Now a lot of you might be thinking, "I'm not getting my hopes up" because this movie was in the works a few years ago and never came to fruition. Well, I wouldn't worry too much about that this time around. With the huge fan base behind John and TfiOS, I think they are aware there could be riots in the street if they bail on it this time.

According to John's Twitter account, we have quite a staff already…


Now – here's what I'm wondering…what is with the actor recycling, the same actors in every movie? Are you noticing this too? It's starting to become a trend, and I'm not sure I'm down.

Shailene & Ansel in Divergent – then in TFioS.
Nat Wolf in TFiOS and then staring in Paper Towns.

I get that when you have have talent, you use it – and I'm not saying that these roles are not right for the people playing them, but here's the deal for me: No matter how badly I want to see a movie, eventually I'm going to get bored out of my head watching the same 2-3 people play the lead and supporting lead roles of every book I ever loved. Kinda takes the magic out of every thing, right?

This only worked once, and that was in the 1980's with Molly Ringwald. But you'll notice, in all the movies John Hughes cast her in back then – she basically played the same character (and of course she wasn't in book to movie adaptations..)…and it was how many? 2 or 3? I think 2 movies per actor for book adaptations might be my limit before I start really going "Okay come on now…." so I'm hoping that it stops there – no matter how good the actor is – variety is necessary for me.

What do you think about the same people being in several of the book adaptations out now and coming soon?

Are you excited for PAPER TOWNS?



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  1. yep, yep, yep! There must be a cool kid club initiation for the millennial rat pack going on.

    and Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller in The Spectacular Now + Divergent


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