22 February 2014

{Review + Giveaway} In Shadows of Magic

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Welcome to the Official Blog Tour for In Shadows of Magic by Alison F. Prince.


Mandy McKinney lives the charmed life. She is beautiful, athletic, popular, dating the hottest jock in school, and certainly doesn't have any time for her loser twin sister. But Mandy also has a secret. When the truth is unveiled, her world is twisted upside down, and her very life is at stake.

Mandy's twin sister, Brianna, has never had any success in the dating department. When Brianna finally meets the guy of her dreams, it turns out that he has secrets of his own. Dangerous secrets. Just her luck.

The twins are about to be swept away into a world of beauty and power beyond their wildest imaginations where nothing is what is seems, danger is lurking in the shadows, and their only chance of survival is finding themselves, and each other, once again.

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Books about witches are normally not something I pick up anymore. I always feel like there nothing new could possibly happen and felt secure in my choice to just steer clear. I can honestly say that I am so glad I didn’t stick tot hat train of thought for IN SHADOWS OF MAGIC.

The first thing that drew me in was the cover. I am sucker for a beautiful cover, and it’s easy to see that this novel has that in spades. And then there is the story itself.  This fast paced story is fantastic, and not just about magic and being a witch!  In the middle of it all is the moral of how magic can’t always fix everything and the real power can come when you work together.

If any one would be able to portray this kind of tale perfectly, it’s twins. Twins that (like most sets of twins) are completely different from each other in every way. From how they dress and how popular they are, to how the use (and abuse) their magical gift. What Mandy and Brianna don’t know is that they are jealous of each others lives. 

I liked and disliked things about each twin, which to me was a bit odd. I normally attach to one and secretly hate the other. I think that this fantastic writing and creation of each girl was a huge factor in this.  With Brianna I loved she was in a band, and that she was the outcast – at least that’s how she feels a bit. I’ve been that person, well I’ve never been in a band but I would have loved to be so – you get my point. With Mandy I loved her power and I’m not talking the magical kind. She’s popular and that was something I never really was either.

Woven through out the story is evil ex boyfriends who don’t just want to make someone look bad, but dead. There’s romance, each of the girls have good boyfriends – and since romance is generally my favorite part of a book – I’m not going to divulge much on that level here because I want you to read it for yourself.

When the girls finally come together near the end of the book, I think that’s the real magic. They learn that what something looks like, isn’t always how it actually is. What’s broken can always be fixed if you just try.

Make sure you snap up a copy of IN SHADOWS OF MAGIC soon – if you are like me and wary of witch books, this will be the game changer for you.



About The Author

Alison F. Prince is a school psychologist in northern New Jersey.  In Shadows of Magic is her debut release.

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