Monday, February 3, 2014

Valentines day is quickly approaching, and my 9 year old has grown accustomed to having the best cards to hand out. Last year she outfitted her whole class with fake moustaches (I’m talking handle bar moustaches!) – and her card box was a hot air balloon that was nearly the same height as she was…we might go overboard here, but we have a damn good time.

So this year when she asked for THE MAZE RUNNER valentines, I had to at least try.  After we calmed our self from laughing at the many ways we could use Clunk Head (and me pointing out that it wasn’t appropriate on a valentine in 4th grade…) we got down to business.

The most obvious of problems. The images are copyrighted and I can’t actually print them. my 9 year-olds response to this was:

”Mom. Can’t you just call up  James Dashner and ask him. I know he would say yes.”

She often over estimates the pull owning the blog has…but it was a good try on her part, and I agree, if it were up to James, he would say yes. But he doesn’t own these photos and I seem to have just misplaced my contact number for 20th Century Fox…

Where my daughter may be out of luck, you on the other hand are IN luck! I can’t print these, but I can share them here with you all – my own little fan art hastily made in under 10 minutes. Save them, share them – just look…don’t be that guy…link back and don’t remove the tiny watermark in the corner..

Happy Valentines Day, Slint Heads!




If you haven’t read THE MAZE RUNNER series, these will not be funny to you and while I like the current size of this fandom, there’s always room for more – so pick the book up and read it. You don’t want to be the only one who hasn’t when the movie comes out September 2014




  1. These are too cute! I love the effort you guys go to for VDay cards. I have read The Maze Runner but only the first one. I really need to reread it, and make progress with that series.


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