21 February 2014

{Book Review + Giveaway} Kiss And Sell


Kiss and Sell
Author: Brittany Geragotelis
Pages: 192
Release Date: November 2013
Rating: 4 Birds

Arielle Sawyer is freaking out because she’s the last person in her class to be kissed. Frustrated by her kissably-challenged lifestyle, Arielle allows herself to be talked into selling her first kiss to the highest bidder—on eBay. The media soon catches wind of her story and all of a sudden she’s giving interviews and appearing on popular late-night talk shows. Due to her newfound fame, the former wallflower suddenly finds herself the focus of everyone’s attention, including that of the most popular guy at school, an actor who just happens to be the teen heartthrob of the moment and even the local bad boy. But as her popularity grows and her friendships begin to weaken, Arielle starts to wonder why she put up the post in the first place. In the end there will be a winner, but will Arielle’s first kiss end up being everything she’s ever dreamed of?

If you’re looking for a quick, adorably fun, and completely different read – pick up KISS AND SELL!

Miss Brittany Geragotelis is no stranger to MMSAI – she’s been a part of our 25 Things feature and been interviewed when her book LIFE’S A WITCH came out! We love having her and her books on the blog!

When I picked up KISS AND SELL and dove in, I have to be honest that I was a little worried about the premise. Selling your first kiss on eBay – woah. I could never do something like that! But as I read, and as I started to have an absolute blast reading along as Arielle I realized a really key factor. That’s the point of books, isn’t it? To change up your life for the time you spend between it’s pages, and take you places and make you do things you would otherwise never do. All form the safety of your favorite reading spot.

Geragotelis spunky, smart and quick witted characters will make you totally forget that you are reading about 14, 15, and 16 year olds. Ohh I see the connection you just made there. “Sell kiss on eBay” and “14, 15, 16 year olds” DON’T PANIC! The entire situation is handled wonderfully and with parental guidance. You just have to trust me on this, I know you know trust me!

As if being the only non-kissed girl in school who is selling her first kiss on eBay isn’t enough of an attention grabber for you let me tell you about how her little stunt pulls her into the public eye. Landing her on talk shows and because of that becoming friends (maybe more??) with the hosttest hottie who ever hottied, young Hollywood star Ryder Diggs. How much can go wrong when she brings him to her Homecoming dance? And why is Cade Jones, her local not-a-Hollywood-star crush since forever, suddenly looking like he might punch through a wall when ever the name Ryder is mentioned?

Hilarity, heartbreak and maybe even that first kiss will happen while you read along. Who wins the eBay bid? I bet you won’t see that one coming. All bets are off in Kiss and Sell!

Available as an eBook + Paperback!


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