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Welcome to our stop on the Engelsfors Blog tour! Below we have a super fun quiz for you, go find out which Chosen One You are!!!

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Praised by Lev Grossman as “stunning…raw, real, smart, very thrilling and very, very wicked,” The Circle, the first book in the internationally bestselling Engelsfors Trilogy, introduced a group of high school girls with special powers who became the Chosen Ones. As book two, Fire, begins, Minoo, Vanessa, Linnéa, Anna-Karin and Ida have been struggling with their own demons all summer long. Now school is back in session, and whether they like it or not, the five Chosen Ones must stick together stronger than ever before.

Evil is back in Engelsfors and it threatens to engulf everyone and everything—and only if the five girls accept their strengths and trust each other unconditionally will they have any chance of defeating it.

The second installment of the Engelsfors Trilogy—an international sensation with rights sold in 26 countries—Fire sees the past woven together with the present, the living with the dead, our human world with demonic forces. This spellbinding novel takes the reader on a wild journey in a world where the stakes are higher than life-and-death.


Which Chosen One are You?

School is back in session in Fire, the second book of the internationally-bestselling Engelsfors Trilogy, and the five remaining Chosen Ones—Minoo, Vanessa, Linnéa, Anna-Karin and Ida—face apocalyptic evil once more. But underneath it all, they’re more like you than you might think…so, which Chosen One are YOU?

Who’s your favorite female artist/duo?

A. Rihanna

B. Hem

C. Katy Perry

D. Tegan and Sara

E. Lianne La Havas

What’s your favorite color?

A. Red

B. Green

C. Hot pink

D. Black

E. Purple

How would you describe your personality?

A. Independent and charismatic

B. Steady and reliable

C. Ambitious and clever

D. Loyal and passionate

E. Smart and levelheaded

Where can we find you on a Friday night?

A. My friends and I got kicked out of the local club, so…house party!!!

B. Home with my beloved pets—nobody beats them for company.

C. Having a romantic dinner with my boyfriend. He’d better meet my expectations.

D. At an underground show. You probably haven’t heard of the artist, he’s super obscure.

E. Curled up with a book and a nice cup of tea—maybe a friend will come over for a chat!

What’s your greatest fear?

A. Getting stuck—in your hometown, in your relationship, wherever.

B. Being mocked.

C. Invisibility.

D. The inability to confess your love until it’s too late.

E. Not knowing the answers.

The person you’re most attracted to is:

A. I thought it was my ex, but now I’m not sure…

B. Popular. But it’ll never happen.

C. Popular. Definitely.

D. My best friend.

E. Either emotionally unavailable or way too old for me. Or both!

Now tally up your answers and see which Engelsfors witch you are!

If you got mostly A’s, you are…


Your element is air, but you’re no airhead! Despite your gorgeous features (and you do know you’re beautiful), you’re very intelligent and committed—to your cause, to your family, and to your future. Even if you aren’t sure what the future holds anymore.

If you got mostly B’s, you are…


With earth as your element, you’re certainly happiest when you’re surrounded by nature and your beloved animals. As quiet as you are, people tend to forget you’re around, but you’re capable of a whole lot more than you let on.

If you got mostly C’s, you are…


Metal is your element, and your personality is electric! You like power and you aren’t afraid to step on some toes to get it. Your good looks and charm have gotten you far—just be careful not to go TOO far, or you might regret your ambition.

If you got mostly D’s, you are…


As a water witch, you’ve had to learn to go with the flow more often than you might like. As hard as you’d like to be, especially with all the sadness you’ve experienced in life, you can’t help that the real driving force in your life is love.

If you got mostly E’s, you are…


No one knows what your element is, but that makes you an even more natural choice for the de facto leader among your friends. You’re brainy but also in touch with your emotional side, and generally well-liked—which definitely helps when your friends are all wildly different teenage girls trying to trust one another to help prevent the apocalypse.

Who Did you get? Let me know in the comments!




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