09 January 2014

{Movie Review} Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

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Okay, here’s the part where I get my butt handed to me by the die-hard Percy Jackson fans. Does this fandom have a name? I feel like I should have looked that up before starting this review. I digress, okay so here’s why every true fan of PJ and his band of merry demi-gods might come at me with one of those pen-sword things….

I loved this movie. *ducks* Unapologetically adored every single moment.

Why, you ask, would anyone who loved this book, be mad at me for loving the movie? Well, I too am a part of fandoms. I take them quite seriously and so I understand from the point of view of the die-hard (insert fandom name here)’s why they might be like “Ugh, how!? Why? But this was left out and this and this”. No I get it. I do this. The reason I am totally able to love this movie with out thinking it has a single fault is because I…oh Gods this could get me in more trouble than me loving the movie….

I haven’t actually read the book *ducks and cringes*


I know. I know. Bad Amber, bad! Look I had a bad reading year (don’t get me started) it’s on my list for 2014, or it will be in five minutes. The point is I want to read these books. I loved the movies and I know from reading other Riordan books with my daughter that the action, humor and did I mention action is addicting!

This it not a book review though, it is a movie review so I am going to tell you my most favorite-est (my blog, my words..okay?) parts of the movie, and none of the ones I didn’t like – because there were none…in no particular order….*drumroll please*

1. Nathan Fillion as Hermes, and more to the point the fact he managed to work in a comment about a show being great and therefore it was canceled after only one season. He manages this in every single movie and TV show, I swear. It’s almost like an Easter egg. (PS if you still don’t get it, I’m talking about his show Firefly!!)

2. Grover dressed up as a girl. A Cyclopes girl. With a big googley eye on his forehead. Seriously, I laughed and laughed!


3. Jake Able. Nothing specific, just Jake Able.

4. The fact Percy doesn’t always win. I think that it’s really important for young kids to see the hero fail from time to time. To have to work for things and work with people you might not generally work with to succeed.


5. Stanly Tucci – I just really like to say his name. Also, I love that his character Mr. D, constantly calls Percy the wrong name. 

6. How Percy learns to trust in his dad a little more from the brother he didn’t know he had.

7. And most importantly, this was something my whole family, even the 4 year old, could watch together and enjoy thoroughly. It’s rare that we get a lot of movies like that as the kids get older or tastes change.

I adore having the opportunity to review this movie for the blog, thank you Fox Home Ent! (@FoxHomeEnt) Any one who has read the books- if it’s not going to ruin my life entirely tell me how it differed from the book. I plan to pick it up in the next couple weeks, and then I’ll do a re-capo ojn my thoughts between the two!

Until then, this movie get 5 birds from me and I just hope that they make more of them. And soon! Isn’t he getting a little old to be playing Percy now?



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  1. Sometimes I cry because I think about the PJO movies. Okay, this is a SLIGHT over-exaggeration, but really. I loved the books, but SoM was admittedly my least favorite.

    But with this movie, it was much more similar to the book. And of the course, the new director finally got some of it right and made better decisions. But there was still so much that bothered me. I agree with all of your points, but the movie still missed out on a lot. It was more accurate, but I still would have liked it to not have strayed so far from the overall plot arc. That was STILL wrong. Better. But still wrong.

    *sigh* I have many thoughts on this, and I have ranted with so many different people. If you'd like to see what I thought of the movie, as someone that's read the book(s), the review be up on my new blog (http://www.flytofiction.blogspot.com) on 1/12. Alternatively, I have the exact same review (it's not very well written, but I think I get most of my major points across) here (http://reviewsabound.blogspot.com/2013/08/sea-of-monsters-movie-review.html).


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