26 September 2013

{Blog Tour + Review} Danny Doodles

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image002Danny’s Doodles: The Jelly Bean Experiment
By David Adler
Sourcebooks Jabberwocky                   
September 2013                          
ISBN: 9-781-4022- 8721-3
Ages 7-10

The Legendary David A. Adler’s Newest Series for Young Readers!

Here’s a statistic: Fourth-grader Danny Cohen’s new friend is 100% weird.   Calvin Waffle is curious about everything, he claims his father is a spy, and he likes to conduct experiments.  Experiments like asking Danny to fill his pockets with jellybeans, but to not eat any.

Through words and drawings, Danny tells a series of stories about Calvin’s antics as the oddball challenges every rule on their teacher Mrs. Cakel’s notorious “No” list:

                No talking in class without Mrs. Cakel’s permission.

                No mumbling

                No calling out

                No walking about. You have a seat.  Stay in it.

                No slouching.  Sit up straight.

                No gum chewing.

                No eating in class.

                No note sending.

Calvin’s strange ways may get him in trouble, but they come in handy for Danny’s baseball team, as his powers of observation let him predict the opposing pitcher’s every throw. The problem is, for all his eccentricities and enthusiasm, Calvin doesn’t particularly like baseball. How can Danny and his friends change Calvin’s mind in time to win the big game?

Downright adorable book about friendship, and man it was fun to read!

My 9 year old and I whipped through this together loving every page! The ones with words and the ones with doodles too! I have to say as a parent, I saw deeper into this little story than she did and one of my favorite things was that Danny’s friend is, as it’s stated – 100% Weird – and I spend a lot of time making sure that my kids understand that everyone is different, and that just because they think some one is weird, doesn’t make them any less of a person. It can be hard for kids to understand this sometimes, everyone should dress the same and like the same things…takes time to realize they can all be individuals.

Danny having a totally weird friend, and accepting him and his weirdness, not to mention his very strange experiments (he asks Danny to carry jelly beans in his pocket for a full week, but won’t tell him why!) was a great little moral hidden with in the fantastic doodles and upbeat story!

I really think that David A. Adler has hit the nail on the head again, with another series that is going to take off and have just as bi of a following as his Cam Jansen books! Any fans of Cam Jansen or Wimpy Kid books will enjoy the DANNY DOODLES series as well! I know it will become a treasured series I my house and can’t wait for more!

About the Author

David A. Adler, a former math teacher and editor, is the author of more than two hundred books for young readers including the Cam Jansen Mysteries, the entire Picture Book Biography series and Don't Talk To Me About the War. He lives in New York.




  1. I am so glad I found your blog! I am always on the hunt for a good book!


  2. This looks like a really cute book for me and my son to check out. :)


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