14 August 2013

{Book Review} Nyx

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NyxCOVER (1)Nyx
Author: D.M. Livingston
Pages: 480
Format: Paperback
Publishing Date: April 5, 2013 
Rating: 5 birds

A heart-warming fantasy-horror novel about Nyx, a sarcastic, mildly homicidal fairy, who is hurled into Hell, but instead of damned souls and devils, she finds only a group of confused, young human witches.

It’s hate at first sight.

But Nyx and the witches, whose magical skills are not quite polished, must work together to survive the ravages of Hell, and then the demon-infested nightmare Earth has become.

The motley crew searches for the Keys of Iron, Flame, and Sorrow, which will (hopefully) close the Gates of Hell. However, the dark queen Morda, who opened the Gates by tricking Lucifer himself, takes a special interest in obliterating the bickering group.

That is, if they don’t obliterate each other first

When I received this book in the mail, the cover caught my eye immediately. NYX's cover was eye catching and yet simple. This is why I loved it! Plus the cover had my favorite color on it, blue!!

The book's genre is an adventure, paranormal and fantasy. I rarely read this type of genre but the synopsis grabbed my attention! What is NYX all about? Basically the story is about a fairy (far) named Nyx who is thrown into Hell and expects the drama of Hell to be there when she arrives. Demons and tortured souls should be wailing about in front of Nyx, but that is not what she finds. What she sees is a group of witches and that hell is rather really, really quiet . She wonders why Hell is so quiet and ponders if the witches have something to do with this. She tries to get information from the witches, but the witches have no clue either. One of the witches holds a grudge against her due to the fact she's a fairy (fae) and does not trust her which makes the journey fascinating.

The witches were curious why a Nyx was in Hell with them and wondered if she had anything to do with Hell being so quiet as well. The witches were not all the same type of witch. Each of them had their own culture and ways of doing things which was quite interesting to read. Anyways, Nyx decides to get out of Hell as the witches decide to tag along making Nyx the leader. Honestly the fairy had no clue how to get out of Hell as she just goes along with it but she does not let the witches know. I loved how Nyx thinks she knows it all and yet she does not. There are mixed emotions between the witches and Nyx which you can read about.

As the journey goes on, the witches and Nyx bicker to each other on and off about what ideas will work, but in the end they work together. They battle creatures that they meet in Hell. I would be at afraid battling these creatures but these ladies kick butt. Once they reached the outside, life of what they knew was no longer the same! Everyone was shocked about this. They were not expecting the time to pass by so quickly and to see how terrible Earth's condition was. Imagine everything you knew was gone! Morda, an evil force was the cause to this and she plans to take Earth over. Once again emotions sprout out from everyone. The witches and Nyx learn that they are the last of the magical elements on Earth who must save this planet by defeating Morda. Another journey for them begins! Do they all decide to help? Will the witches and Nyx survive? What creatures do they go up against next?

I loved this book because of the adventure that these women go on. They do battle, they bicker and yet they do have a soft side. It is up to these lovely women to save the world which was very, very cool. They all worked together even though they had different ideas and culture differences. I think I liked Nyx the best due to her sarcastic remarks to everyone. I loved this because she is a mischievous fairy and this was in her nature to do so. Nyx keeps saying this one word in the book called Cachi which I perceived as swearing. I did wonder if Nyx would ever warm up to the witches or not throughout this book. You will have to read to find that out.

The action that everyone goes through in the adventure is thrilling and a bit scary. Some of the creatures can be a tad frightening to some readers but I weaved through the story imagining the witches kicking butt! I was thinking of Buffy the Vampire Slayer too while reading this book. There are other characters that do make you wonder about them in this story. Some are good and some are bad which will capture your attention. It sure captured mine! The ending seriously leaves it open for a sequel which I look forward to!

I did take a peek at this author on his website which gives you a process of how he came up with the book and how he went about self publishing it. It is quite a fascinating process. So be sure to check out D.M. Livingston website and goodreads. If you like fantasy, sci-fi and mythical creatures that strings you along for adventure with scary creatures about, then you need to get NYX.




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