03 August 2013

{Book Review + Giveaway} Ship Out of Luck

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Ship out of Luck
Antsy Bonano #3
Author: Neal Shusterman
Pages: 256
Publisher: Dutton
Release Date: June 13th 2013
Rating 4 Birds

The uproarius companion to "The Schwa was Here" and "Antsy Does Time"
In honor of Old Man Crawley’s eightieth birthday, the Bonano family has been invited to celebrate with a weeklong cruise to the Caribbean aboard the world’s largest, grandest ship. But whether on land or at sea, Antsy can’t manage to stay out of trouble: He quickly finds himself the accomplice of stowaway and thief Tilde, whose self-made mission it is to smuggle onto the ship and across the U.S. border illegal immigrants from her native Mexico. When Antsy steps in to take the fall for Tilde, he becomes the focus of a major international incident and the poster child for questionable decisions.
Equal parts clever and riotous, Ship Out of Luck brings back the beloved cast of characters from Neal Shusterman’s acclaimed The Schwa Was Here and Antsy Does Time

I have to say, I went into this book just a little bit worried. You see, it’s book 3 in a series and I had never read the first two. First of all, that’s just against the law of reading and secondly it makes my OCD itch. Even though I was 100% promised I need not have read the other two to enjoy this one, I still turned the first page slowly.

That was the last page I turned slowly.

I ripped through the rest of this book like my life depended on it. The absolutely hilarious antics, snarky quips and so-incredibly-far-fetched situations are beyond entertaining. The effortless manner in which Shusterman delivers his story will capture you from the jump and make you go along with even the most unbelievable of scenarios.

So Antsy can’t seem to keep himself straight. Always in trouble. That’s a character quirk we see all the time, and more often than not it’s kind of a let down. They are normally guilty of lying to their parents, or sneaking out, right? Same old, same old. Yawn. Not Antsy. No, never wise-cracking, trouble magnet Antsy. You see when he gets in trouble it’s an international affair. The WORLD will know about it.

And you might thing that being on a cruise ship for his cranky old family friends 80th birthday, he would be pretty safe from trouble. I mean, buffets and waterslides, hot tubs and sunshine – how could you possibly get into trouble. Well, as with most good stories, there’s a girl at the heart of it all. Enter Tilde. The rough around the edges, mysterious stow-away. Or so you think.

Equal parts intrigue and humor, SHIP OUT OF LUCK will not disappoint. Any fan of the Antsy Bonano books will be thrilled with this addition, and for any one who’s never picked on f of these books up in their life – well if the others are as fantastic as this one, you are in for a treat. But take my word for it, you can start this one having never read any of the others and still enjoy it 100%

I myself am off to get the first two books in this series because I need some more Antsy!

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