08 August 2013

{Authors Are Rockstars} Leah Clifford + Giveaway

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I’m really excited to be participating in the 2nd Annual Authors Are Rockstars event hosted by Fiktshun, Two Chicks on Books, Magical Urban Fantasy Reads.

Leah and I have a GREAT post for you filled with stories and music – Specific music from specific scenes! 3 from each book!!
Not to mention an awesome giveaway for 2 Signed, First Editions of A TOUCH MORTAL Book 1 in the A Touch Trilogy. So grab yourself a cup of coffee from Milton’s, cuddle up under that shawl you got from the crypt in the cemetery and enjoy!



Leah Clifford is a Rockstar because she refuses to write a book that people are expecting, or that fits some young adult “norm”. This is the girl that wrote a book about angles, a book that has so many other awesome things going on in it, when people ask what it’s about “Angles” is almost never the first thing that’s mentioned.

She’s a rock star because she has no trouble killing those you love…in the books!! Just in the books! I promise she’s not going to kill any one you love in real life. Though be warned, publically attach to anyone in her books and you may as well kiss them good-bye…just saying.

Leah is a Rockstar because she submerged herself so much in the writing of Book Two A TOUCH MORBID, that people actually thought she might need some mental help. The book was told predominantly from Kristen’s POV and day-um, let’s just say: “Hello Schizo!”

Leah is a Rockstar because she will tell you how it is, every time, even if the truth will hurt you (actually, especially if the truth will hurt you). She’s not a bad person, she just knows that growth and strength come from fixing what’s wrong, and she refuses to contribute to helping you stay stationary when you can be moving forward.

Leah is a Rockstar because she wasn’t cut, but ripped from a one of a kind, discontinued cloth, that they burned the rest of once she was made because there’s no way in the WORLD this lifetime could survive if there were two of her!

I blame her for my obsessive love of Teen Wolf, Twenty One Pilots, Game of Thrones (I haven’t seen season 3 yet so SHUSH!) obscure music, Fairy Wine and Alex Kahler. If you ever overhear us on Twitter or in public you’re likely to hear things like “THIS is a hip thrust”, “I declare a loop-de-loop” and “shut up Scott”. Mostly she’s a rockstar because she puts up with me, on a daily basis and holds me accountable for every word I’ve not written yet.



Leah Clifford has been an extreme cave tour guide, a camp counselor, a flight attendant, a pizza delivery girl, a waitress, and a grocery store clerk. Now she adds author to that list. She lives outside Cleveland, Ohio.



Amber asked me to post about music, which is one of my most loved and hated topics. MUSIC! I love it! I love sharing it! I have a bazillion playlists for each book/character/couple! I have…too much to put in one post. So we narrowed it down. She gave me a cut off of three songs per book that I played during three specific scenes. I…tried.

(Disclaimer-While this post is Big Spoiler Free (for example, which characters die) some small spoilers are unavoidable (such as if someone’s in a scene in book 2, you know they lived through book 1).


Glittering Clouds – Imogen Heap


I’m tempted to just paste the lyrics in their entirety. This song was INSTRUMENTAL in writing A Touch Mortal, because it inspired the rave scene, where Eden loses control passing Touch and reads about the aftermath of her slip up in the paper the next morning.

Dig Ophelia – Rasputina


Eden wakes up and follows music down a hallway only to find a ball going on in the room below her when she looks over the balcony.

Through the spindles, she could see a sea of black tuxedos, coattails twirling when the music demanded. Dozens of guys danced in a pattern straight out of seventeenth century France. They ducked suddenly, hands clapping out a rhythm.

The song they are dancing to is Dig Ophelia.

Born Slippy Nuxx – Underworld (Paul Oakenfold Mix)

In Aerie, after Lucifer’s band plays their set, this is the song playing when Eden sees Az again for the first time since becoming a Sider. It’s not a happy reunion.



Asleep – The Smiths


In A Touch Morbid, Jarrod has found a mortal girl addicted to the Touch he and his fellow Siders spread. After she steals a dose, he stays with her to make sure she doesn’t take it badly. In a sense, he keeps her alive. The night ends with a walk in the snow. Asleep by the Smiths is a song about death, but in my head, it’s a love song. This might have something to do with why I’m single. 

Seven Devils – Florence and the Machine


“I found the perfect song for the scene with Gabe in the subway,” Courtney Allison Moulton told me excitedly. I doubted it. Our musical tastes are pretty different. I never doubted her again.

Vermillion – Slipknot


She seems dressing in all the rings, of past fatalities. So fragile, yet so devious. When you’re writing about a schizophrenic grave robbing girl, a line like that tends to jump out at you. Couple it with the fact that the song encompasses how Luke feels about Kristen AND the girl in the video looking much like Kristen and this went on heavy repeat.


Don’t Worry, We’ll Be Watching You – Gotye


Gabriel screwed up once. The Bound angels won’t let it happen again.

The Best It's Gonna Get (SVH Intro Instrumental) – Celldweller



At Kristen’s masqued ball, Lucifer shows up to steal a dance and remind her of a deal she made with him. A deal she broke. They dance to the minute or so of instrumental intro, before leaving the party to the rest of the song.

Bynar - Broken By Angels


You can’t have a final battle scene without tossing out a mix of Rob Dougan’s Furious Angels. It thumped in my ears while our heroes met their fates…

Do you want music recommendations?
DO you have a song recommendation FOR Leah?
Hit her up on twitter – she will happily talk and share music with you!



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  1. Thanks so much for being a tour host Amber great post!


  2. I'm fangirling all over so if you'll excuse me...

    I can't even come up with an awesome enough comment here so I'll just go and listen to the new music, thanks to you guys, on my phone...
    And try to resist the sudden urge to reread the ATM books because one heartbreak is enough in a year, thank you very much -_-

    Alba @ BookPics

    Love ya Leah!!
    -hugs to Amber-

  3. OMG I love Leah!!! I have gotten a few music recommendations from her, and she has an amazing taste when it comes to bands. :) I really like, too, how open she is to other genres etc., she even listened to some German bands I recommended to her. :D Loved this post!!!


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