Wednesday, July 10, 2013

{Soundtrack} The Fault In Our Stars..Maybe?


Many of you may have already heard about Zach Sobiech, the 18 year old Minnesota boy and internet sensation whose music went to #1 on iTunes and the Billboard charts just as he died of osteosarcoma--the rare bone disease that was featured in the novel The Fault in Our Stars. Maybe some of you even recognize Zach's name as the narrator of the Lies Beneath book trailer. : )

It would be hard for me not to have heard of him, aside from the fact I too live in Minnesota, Zach went to my old high school and my friend was related by marriage to the Sobiech family. Zach’s music took over the radio stations here just before and as he passed away. The entire state mourned his loss and my only regret was that I heard of him sooner than I did.

To prepare for the inevitable, Zach and his best friend wrote and sang a song together, it was a good-bye song to each other. Now this goodbye song to each other, the duet "Fix Me Up," is being pitched to the movie studio to be included in The Fault in Our Stars soundtrack.


What Zach’s family and best friend are hoping for is they can organize a grass roots push from the fabulous YA community to get some buzz going about getting the song into the movie. If you can help them with tweets and FB posts, that would be awesome. Here are some samples:

- Boy & girl singing about friendship & cancer. The Fault in Our Stars soundtrack, anyone? #TFIOS #FixMeUp

- Help us get #ZachSobiech's duet "Fix Me Up" on The Fault in Our Stars soundtrack #TFIOS #FixMeUp PLEASE RT!

If you want more info on Zach, there is a YouTube documentary about him that has gone viral:

And don’t stop there – tag John Green, Tumblr this, let’s signal boost. While John may not be able to really choose what’s on the soundtrack, it couldn’t hurt to have him behind this. So come on Nerdfighters! Show us what you got! Let’s make sure the whole world remembers Zach!



  1. I think this song would be perfect for TFIOS.

    1. Even if it just played at the end credits or something you know? It's wonderful!!

  2. Reminds me of a song from the end of Juno. The young man who passed, Zach, narrated Lies Beneath trailer?
    I hope this is in TFIOS, even at the end when the credits roll would be awesome too.
    I tweeted :)

  3. Oh, I was expecting so much more from this book. I will still give it a try at some point, but it is not a priority. Thank you for your review.

    Marlene Detierro (Tony Lama Boots)


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