Tuesday, July 2, 2013

{Notable Quotable} Infinityglass by Myra McEntire

The countdown is on for Myra McEntire’s INFINIYGLASS (Hourglass #3) – in celebration every Tuesday Myra will be posting a new line from her book on her new Tumblr page dedicated to just the series.

To spread the word, I am sharing the first of these quotes here, and also the link to the Tumblr page so you don’t miss them in the future: http://hourglassseries.tumblr.com/

Be sure to check out the awesome fn fact below too!

Egmont - InfinityNQweek1

INFINITYGLASS Notable Quotable of the Week Fun Fact: 
While researching INFINITYGLASS, Myra took 1000's of photographs on her trip to New Orleans, including a photo of the wallpaper in the legendary Bourbon Orleans Ballroom.  Not only did this wallpaper wind up on the cover of INFINITYGLASS, it's also the background of this week's Notable Quotable!


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