19 July 2013

{Book Review} Castle of Sand

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Castle of Sand Cover

A Castle of Sand
A Shade Vampire #3
Author: Bella Forrest
Pages: 296
Release Date: June 26, 2013 
Rating: 4 Birds

What Sofia has with Derek feels like a sandcastle; temporary and something that the waves of life and time will soon ruin...

Since the return of Gregor Novak, the island has turned several shades darker. His hatred toward Sofia and thirst for fresh blood lead to a brutal war igniting between father and son.
Meanwhile, the hunters are gaining formidable strength and resources by the day; they know that the safety of The Shade hangs entirely on its ability to remain hidden from them.
And a sinister secret lies in wait for Sofia within the bowls of an Egyptian desert... a secret that threatens to crush her sandcastle much sooner than she could have expected.

I went into A CASTLE OF SAND sad because I figured it was the last in the series because so many of them are trilogies. I was totally wrong because there is more to follow and as before I plan to read the entire series.

The love story between Derek and Sofia seems to be more volatile than in the previous books even the first when he pretty much wanted to kill her. I cringed a little because I wasn’t sure how the relationship would pan out and if Derek would become a little too macho but Sofia held her own. So while more volatile it was not borderline abuse as in other stories I have read it’s more passionate and second guessing the commitment of the other on both sides.

Bella knows how to write the villain she did a great job with Derek’s brother and now in depicting the character of his father, Gregor, WOW he is really sick and twisted. Sofia’s mother is completely mental and can I just say it’s no wonder Sofia has issues.

Each character is well written and even the other girls that live with Sofia get more personalities and this is great because one makes a huge decision. Even the vampires show more character in deciding which path and Novak to follow.

A CASTLE OF SAND has so much within so few pages there really is never a dull moment. Tender moments, fight scenes, life altering decisions!! So many that to put them in this review would be impossible. The next book is just bound to be as good because the ending had some loose ends that I need closure on.

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