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The End is only the Beginning....
It wasn't the first time Lieutenant Travis Daniels had been far from his wife and son. Leading an elite team on countless missions, dodging death at every turn-it was what he was trained to do. And returning to his family was always his driving force... but this time might be different. Imprisoned for an unsanctioned intrusion into a hot zone, Travis and his elite team took a deal to assist in the colonization of Mars to evade the death penalty. While stationed there, Travis' only source of sanity were the brief video conversations he was allowed with his family. When the last transmission received showed choppy images of the city in darkness and blurs of humanoid creatures running through the streets, Travis and his team must decide to either stay on Mars or find a way back to his family-unknowing of the hell that Earth has become.



“What fiction most influenced your childhood, and what effect did those stories have on Precipice: The Beginning?”

I remember buying The Chronicles of Narnia the summer before fifth grade with my birthday money, and my mother was so impressed that I would spend my money on books. I remember enjoying the series, and if I remember correctly, I read all seven books that summer. C.S. Lewis was an excellent writer, and it started my love of books. When fifth grade started, we were asked to do a book report, so I decided to switch over to Stephen King. The first novel I chose was Salem's Lot, and I remember my teacher questioning my choices. After reading Stephen King's Salem's Lot in the fifth grade, I moved onto his other novels. The second novel I read, I believe, was Stephen King's It. I found it so amazing that a group of children could battle against the evil entity within the sewers. After reading it, I was so inspired by his imagination that I began writing a series of short stories with my friends in class. It's one of my fondest memories from my childhood, sitting on the steps to our class, writing the outlines to so many individual stories while my best friend worked on the illustrations. We wrote a dozen or more short stories, all of them twisted tales of horror, and began passing them out to the other fifth grade classes. Stephen King's It opened me up to a whole new world of terror, of imagination. I began to outline my own novels, and in sixth grade I hand wrote my very first novel. Over two hundred pages written in a dull pencil. I would carry my journals with me everywhere, and I knew then that there was nothing else I wanted to do. Every novel, outline, and story idea lead me to Precipice.

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Kevin J. Howard was born in Mission Viejo, California, moved to Seattle at the age of twenty-one, and now lives in Puyallup. He hand wrote his first novel in the fifth grade and has been writing ever since. His first published novel, Faithful Shadow, is a return to the classic horror novel. Since writing Faithful Shadow he has completed four additional horror novels that will soon be published. In 2012, he won an award in the Las Vegas International Film Festival for his screenplay, Identical Opposites. Kevin's latest novel, Precipice: The Beginning, is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The sequel, Precipice: The Retrieval, should be released in the summer of 2013.



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