Wednesday, July 17, 2013

{Blog Tour} Becoming Brin by Angela Carling


I’m really excited to have Angela Carling on the blog today talking about all the real life places that come up in BECOMING BRYN!


I’m so excited to be here today to celebrate the launch of my third book Becoming Bryn! I especially appreciate Amber letting me steal some screen time on her amazing blog. Here’s the blurb, you would find on the back cover of Becoming Bryn.

For months, Jesse has been envious of her twin sister Bryn and even has a crush on Bryn’s gorgeous, popular boyfriend, Quinton. When Jesse awakens from a coma to learn that everyone thinks she is Bryn, the option of actually taking over her sister’s life is beyond tempting, but there’s a downside. She’d have to give up Ethan, her best friend and the only person she trusts. Could she actually live as Bryn for the rest of her life? And if her family and friends found out, would they ever forgive her?

So, have you ever wondered if the places you read about in your favorite stories are real? In the case of Becoming Bryn, most of the places you read about are from my hometown and are very real! Today, I’m going to share pictures of some of the real places that inspired the dramatic events in Becoming Bryn.image

Let’s start with Jesse and Bryn’s house. This is the home, Jesse comes home to after waking up in a coma.

The question is, does she come home as Jesse or Bryn?


This the Farmer’s Market built next to the haunted corn maize where, on Halloween night, through a tragic freak accident, twin sisters Jesse and Bryn’s lives are changed forever! I get chills just thinking about it!


This is what is called “the circle” in Becoming Bryn. It’s a cul-de-sac in an unfinished housing development-where the high school kids hang out to get away from parents and anyone else who might tell them what to doJ It’s here, in front of all her classmates, that Jesse, divulges her darkest secret to the one that she loves. Oooh! I want to tell you more, but I can’t!


This is Sunshine Acres, a children’s home for kids whose parents can’t take care of them for one reason or another. Since 1954, Sunshine Acres has cared for over 1600 children, some through their entire life. If you want to learn more, you can check out their webpage. In Becoming Bryn, while doing charity work with her cheerleading squad, Bryn meets Anna, a precocious four-year-old girl that she takes under her wing (but doesn’t tell anyone for fear of losing her popularity status). Later in the story, Anna is powerful force for healing a tattered family.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the places that inspired Jesse and Bryn’s story. I’d love to connect. Please feel free to leave me questions or comments or find me at:

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Most of all, I hope you enjoy BECOMING BRYN. Buy it here or here 

Bye for now!

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