Thursday, July 18, 2013

{25 Things} Teddy Steinkellner


I’m so excited to welcome Teddy Steinkellner to 25 Things!
He signed up waaaaaaayyyy back at the beginning of the year for this date and since it’s here it can mean only one thing: TRASH CAN DAYS will be released soon! Just over a month to be exact! August 20th! YAY! *throws confetti*

Pre-Order links are below and trust me, you need this novel in your library! Both your home and your school library! Well, and your public library too. Oh, and if you have one of those mobile libraries…that’s a place for it. In fact this book belongs everywhere – except the trash can.



Jake Schwartz is not looking forward to middle school. Puberty feels light-years away; he’s not keen on the cool clothes or lingo; and he has the added pressure of preparing for his bar mitzvah. The only saving grace is that Danny Uribe, his lifelong best friend, will be by his side…
Or will he? Since Danny’s summer growth spurt, there’s been a growing distance between him and Jake. Danny is excited to explore all that junior high has to offer…especially the girls (and most notably Hannah, Jake’s older sister). But gang life has its allure, too, and he soon finds himself in over his head.
Meanwhile, Hannah is dealing with her own problems–being queen bee is not easy. The other girls are out for blood, and boys are so…exhausting. Danny surprises her with his maturity, but can Hannah’s reputation survive if she’s linked to a sevvy? And what would Jake think about her hooking up with his best friend?
Dorothy Wu could not care less about junior-high drama. She is content to stay in her bedroom and write epic stories of her adventures as a warrior mermaid maiden. But that changes when she discovers the school’s writing club. There, she meets a young lad with heroic potential and decides that life outside her fantasy world just might have some appeal.
In the course of one year at San Paulo Junior High, these four lives will intersect in unique and hilarious ways. Friendships will grow and change. Reputations will be transformed. And maybe someone will become a man.






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