28 May 2013

{Book Review} Beyond New Eden

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Beyond New Eden Cover

Beyond New Eden
Author: H.S. Stone
Pages: 288
Release Date: March 8, 2013
Rating: 2 birds

Eve 142 has lived her entire life in the domed city of New Eden, home to the only surviving humans after the War. Like all of the inhabitants of New Eden, Eve 142 is a clone. Together with the other clones, dubbed the Adams and the Eves, she leads a safe, predictable existence. However, Eve’s life changes when she causes a tragic accident to befall one of the Adams. As retribution, she and her counterpart, Adam 142, are banished from New Eden.
At first, Eve 142 considers their punishment a death sentence because she grew up believing the world outside the dome was uninhabitable. She is wrong. Forced to live in the Wastelands, Eve and Adam discover many new truths about the outside world and, more importantly, the truths about themselves.

I really, really wanted to like BEYOND NEW EDEN more than I did but there was just so much left out.

The writing was done well but the story just fell short. The premise was solid: new society, banished for an accident, finding a new civilization… all the makings for a great book or even a series BEYOND NEW EDEN just rushed to quickly. The characters of Adam and Eve 142 while I acknowledge they were clones were so flat. I didn’t hate them but I didn’t like them either, nothing connected me with them which I look for in books.

What I really wanted to know more about was the war that created the wastelands. There is mention of it and a brief history of the origins of the Adams and Eves but the reasons for their development was not expanded enough for my liking. I think the war and the outcomes are a big part of what I would consider backstory and important.

I made it through this novel quickly one, because it is relatively short and secondly, because I was home sick and there was nothing on TV. I wish I could give a more positive review of BEYOND NEW EDEN but I find that I just can’t.

I would recommend this for beach reading or waiting room reading, a good story premise but not too much that if you are like me once in a good book the world shuts out and you get sunburned.



2 birds


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  1. Beyond New Eden was interesting and creative. I think a sequel would drag a good story on too far, but I wouldn’t object to reading something else by H.S. Stone.
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