21 April 2013

{Book Review} Life After Theft

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Life After Theft
Author: Aprilynne Pike
Pages: 352
Release Date: April 30, 2013
Source: ARC
Publisher: Harper Teen
Rating: 4 Birds

Moving to a new high school sucks. Especially a rich-kid private school. With uniforms. But nothing is worse than finding out the first girl you meet is dead. And a klepto.
No one can see or hear Kimberlee except Jeff, so--in hopes of bringing an end to the snarkiest haunting in history--he agrees to help her complete her "unfinished business." But when the enmity between Kimberlee and Jeff's new crush, Sera, manages to continue posthumously, Jeff wonders if he's made the right choice.
Clash meets sass in this uproarious modern-day retelling of Baroness Orczy's The Scarlet Pimpernel.

Any book that starts off almost immediately with an argument with a ghost, is bound to be a great book in my opinion. Make that argument happen in school, during passing time, when you’re the new kid no one knows and the points just climb so high they rocket off the chart!

LIFE AFTER THEFT is hilariously written, with just the right amount of suspense and romance to make it complete.

One of the best things about this book, was in fact the suspense. At one point I shouted “What’s in the box!? What’s in the box” , sounding an awful lot like Brad Pitt in Seven…my husband was worried for me for a moment. It’s ok, it happens a lot actually. Basically, what I’m trying to say is this book was not what I was expecting. At all. And I loved that about it.

Honestly, every single time I thought I knew what was going to happen, I was thrown in another direction. I even foolishly thought at one point if I started to assume the opposite of what I would normally assume I might be right for once. (you catch that?) Nope, I was still wrong. It was like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, only I had no control over the decisions my brain was making.

Our protag Jeff was likeable, maybe too much in fact. There were a few things that he said or did through out that just made me want to smack him around a little. All in all seeing this story from his point of view was interesting, and actually really helpful. Since he wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth, like the other kids at his new school, it made reading about all the extra extravagant homes, cars and such easier to take in. You see it from the “newly rich” eyes and you still see it as “WOAH!” and are not asked to accept the fact that a mega mansion is just a normal part of every ones day.

Our ghostly goddess, Kimberlee has the tendency to be really annoying, but it fits who she is and it worked well with the story. Had she been anything else, acted any other way – this story just would have fallen flat. I tried to remind myself of that when I wanted to exorcise her soul straight to hell myself once or twice. What? I watch Supernatural, I can totally do it!

Not to talk endlessly about the characters, but I have to mention this one last player! The principle Mr. Hennigan. He totally reminded me of Miss Hannigan from Little Orphan Annie from the jump (also the names sound the same a bit, yea?). It was actually kind of perfect – they both have jobs taking care of kids and absolutely seem to despise each second of it. You’re going to love to hate the guy. Even if you don’t see him much, it’s like he hovers over you through the whole thing…like any good paranoid principle should.

If you like ghosts, humor, a little romance, suspense, fancy cars and great big houses – you are going to love LIFE AFTER THEFT. I am actually feeling a little sad about it being over, and the ending…well let’s just THE ENDING!?!? I’m off to buy the novella that just came out called ONE DAY MORE, it’s a prequel – but I need a little more of this world…stat.




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  1. I'm with you-- there's no arguing when there's a ghost in the story! Great review!


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