18 April 2013

{Book Review} Ballrooms & Ugly Poodles

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Ballrooms & Ugly Poodles
Semi-tall Tales of a Palm Beach Waitress
Author: Katie Schnack
Pages: 184
Format: Paperback
Released: March 5, 2013
Rating: 5 Birds

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of the world’s ritziest hotels?
From dumping coffee on a white silk Gucci gown, witnessing creepy political scandals to fending off crazed (sometimes naked) socialites, one thing is for sure—it is anything but a typical college job. Ballrooms and Ugly Poodles: Semi-Tall Tales of a Palm Beach Waitress is inspired by the author’s adventures working at a five diamond historic hotel on the shores of Palm Beach, Florida – a far cry from her humble Midwestern upbringing. The stories paint a hilarious picture of what it is like serving some of America’s richest and most powerful, all while wearing Kmart loafers and a used polyester tuxedo. A true “behind the scenes look” at the glitz and glamour of Palm Beach, these stories will make you pee with laughter, all while providing a unique and rarely seen perspective of the excessively wealthy. But mostly just make you pee with laughter.

The cover of BALLROOMS & UGLY POODLES may be a bit plain, but if you were ever not going to judge a book by it’s cover, it should be with this very book!

Author Katie Schnack takes you deep into the world of High End Waitressing, recounting the hilarious, the shocking and the downright scandalous. From the blurb on the cover (penned by the author herself reminding you she could be famous some day, so you should listen to her) to the very last page, I went through a pattern of uncontrollable laughing to my jaw being on the ground in shock and awe. You very seriously need this book, like…yesterday!

This book is so perfect it actually hurts. And I say that not just because my sore abs from new work outs hate me from all the excessive laughing…I say it because it’s just flat out true…with out the work out pain. And while the title does include the words “Semi-tall Tales”, as the author note states at the start of the book: “…it is easy to make-up the ordinary, but the extraordinary comes from the real, the extravagant and crazy world known as Palm Beach, Florida.” Basically, the crazier the story – the more likely it’s true. And I will totally admit, part of the fun of this book was trying to sort out in my head what was true and what wasn’t.

The chapters are set up so you don’t really have to read them in order. You can peruse the titles, see what jumps out at you and just dive right in to whatever mayhem and crazy Schnack has for you.

Some of my favorite chapters, both in title and in content are:

  • Guido Wedding of The Century
  • No Sir, I don’t want to smoke pot with you. Caviar?
  • Flying Bride
  • The Elderly Party Machine

If the chapter titles, my glowing review and near forceful demand you rush to Amazon this instant to get an eBook or paperback of this book ASAP haven’t yet convinced you, let me end with these two little tidbits:

The book starts with her finding a tampon in the work uniform, on her first day of work
There are HILARIOUS foot notes where she often apologizes to her mother, and explains in more detail the sarcastic and the crazy and sometimes personal.

You can pick up this fantastically hilarious book for your Kindle for only $3.99! Want a paperback? Only $10.77 – zip over HERE and get a copy now!



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  1. Wow, I probably would have never picked this one up at first glance, but after reading your review, it sound like a really interesting book! This is next on my TBR!


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