Monday, April 22, 2013


It’s come to my attention, that while Book Blast’s are REALLLLLLY popular – many people are confused by them. I want to help solve that because the entire purpose of a Book Blast is to be simple yet effective for every one.

So what is it? Well, I like to think of it as the Flash Mob of book promotions. Key features:

  • It’s a One Day Feature - unlike a tour which extends over multiple days/weeks with varying content, a book blast shows up on one specified day, generally at the same time, by multiple bloggers all posting the same promotional post. You BLAST the community with the info. Hence the name.
  • Only contains promo info no interviews, reviews or anything like that. Just author info & photo, book info & cover, buy links, media links and in most cases a giveaway.

Some of you are like “Well, what the hey Tuna Flavor, why would I want to participate in that? I want to read the book! What’s in it for me!” Let me break it down for you:

  • Free, pre set up content for your blog, including a giveaway! You can’t dislike that! It literally takes you 10 minutes to set up the blog post, all the info right there for you in the e-mail you get from whoever is hosting! Nothing is worse than not having content for you blog!
  • You’re helping the author in a HUGE way! And I don’t know about you, but it’s the main reason I blog – to spread the word about great authors and help them promote! You know what happens when a massive amount of blogs all post the same thing on the same day, tweet and FB it as well? They reach more people then they could have alone, their sales go up and your page hits go up. (You know, page hits…those things publishers want to see how many you have before handing out ARCs these days….yea…oh I have your attention now eh? *wink*)

So as a fast recap – free content for your blog, keeping you from having an empty post day….a giveaway is included you don’t have to set up or mail any prizes out for…you help the author….takes you 10 minutes….There’s nothing not awesome about Book Blasts!

Have questions about Book Blasts? I am more than happy to help you out! Just drop them in the comments section! Have other blogging questions? Leave them below as well, I’ll address them in future Blogger Babble features!




  1. Thanks for this post! After an extended time away from blogging, I'd seen the term "book blast" several times lately and wasn't 100% sure what it was.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for stopping in to read it and comment!!

  3. Is there any specific place where you get the daily information for a book blast? I definitely need something to post on days I don't have a review to write up. Do I just browse other blogs and see what they are 'blasting' or is there a 'master list' or something out there floating around?

    1. Stacy the way to go about this is to sign up with a blog tour company, I have one called Book Nerd Tours (link in sidebar) then they contact you when they have ones open for sign up.

      You should never just take info from a blog to post on yours. You might grab the wrong thing and think it's a blast when it's really not.


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