30 March 2013

{Audio Review} The Red Pyramid

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The Red Pyramid
The Kane Chronicles #1
Author: Rick Riordan
Pages: 544
Release Date: May 4, 2010
Publisher: Disney Hyperion
Format: Audio
Rating: 4 Birds

Since their mother’s death, Carter and Sadie have become near strangers. While Sadie has lived with her grandparents in London, her brother has traveled the world with their father, the brilliant Egyptologist, Dr. Julius Kane.

One night, Dr. Kane brings the siblings together for a “research experiment” at the British Museum, where he hopes to set things right for his family. Instead, he unleashes the Egyptian god Set, who banishes him to oblivion and forces the children to flee for their lives.

Soon, Sadie and Carter discover that the gods of Egypt are waking, and the worst of them--Set–has his sights on the Kanes. To stop him, the siblings embark on a dangerous journey across the globe -- a quest that brings them ever closer to the truth about their family, and their links to a secret order that has existed since the time of the pharaohs.

In all honesty, the only reason I bought the box set of THE KANE CHRONICLES was because I went to a Rick Riordan book signing and I wanted a full, signed set of his books. I already had the Percy Jackson books and the first two books in the Heroes of Olympus series so it made sense. I figured if I read them I would enjoy them but I wasn’t in too big of a hurry to read them. I knew the narrators were young (Sadie is 12 and Carter is 14) and I often have problems getting into books with narrators that young. I mean I still consider myself young and everything but I’m not quite that young. Anyway, I’m getting off subject. The point is that I wasn’t in a hurry to read the books but then I saw that audible had THE RED PYRAMID on sale and was totally like, “Hey, I should buy it!” So I did. (Seriously, I am beginning to see Audible as the means to read all of the books I want to read but don’t have time too. They are helping me make a dent in my TBR pile, finally!)

THE RED PYRAMID is narrated by both Sadie and Carter. The reader for each did a really great job. Sadie has a British accent, which is awesome since I love British accents. Before the book actually starts, you are told that it is a recording of Sadie and Carter’s account of what happened. Every now and then Sadie and Carter will start arguing during the middle of the story. I’m not sure how it is in the actual book but in the audio book you hear whichever is narrating tell the other to hush or something but can’t hear what the other said. I thought their bickering and banter were cute.

I struggled a little with THE RED PYRAMID in the beginning. Mainly because a) I knew next to nothing about Egyptian gods and b) it’s mostly just Sadie and Carter and I was a little sad there wasn’t a hot guy for me to swoon over. In its’ defense, THE RED PYRAMID is a middle grade book so it’s not really supposed to have a hot guy. However, as luck would have it there is a certain Egyptian god that Sadie had the hots for and I must say that he is rather swoonworthy.

Sadie and Carter are both fun characters. I loved being about to see their relationship develop. In the beginning they are not much more than mere acquaintances but by the end they have bonded and began to appreciate each other.

Like Riordan’s other novels, THE RED PYRAMID is an action/adventure book. Sadie and Carter have no idea what they are doing but they know that somehow they must stop Set and save the world. Luckily, they have some friends that are willing to help them out. Once I began understanding the Egyptian gods a little more, I began to thoroughly enjoy the story. THE RED PYRAMID is perfect for lovers of middle grade fiction or anyone looking for a great adventure!






  1. I didn't like the Red Pyramid as much as Percy Jackson and the Olympians (mostly because Percy isn't in it haha), but it made me fall in love with Egyptian mythology, and I liked the nod to the other side of New York near the beginning of the novel when Rick Riordan's alludes to Manhattan and Olympus. I had day dreams of both their worlds meeting. Maybe that will happen?? Duh duh duuuh

  2. Having never read Rick Riordan's novels before, I am definitely interested in The Red Pyramid. I love when stories contain myths or different gods. I am going to be adding this to my TBR list for sure.


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