Saturday, February 2, 2013

{Blogger Babble} Things That Are Awesome

It might come as no surprise to you that my sister Ashley is wildly talented, just like I am. Okay, so I’m not quite as talented as she is, but I say these things so I don’t feel so left out… *wink*

My sister is a fantastic artist and has recently started making journals, sketch pads, book covers and covers for your iPads and eReaders – working with leather in amazing ways!

Right at this moment she is working on an iPad cover for my mother-in-law who loved not only the book ANGELFALL by Susan Ee, but also the wings on the cover.
Her request: to have the wings on her iPad cover, and my sister in all her awesome glory – freehanded that sonofa – IN LEATHER - and here’s how far she is:

photo 1 (6)photo 2 (6)photo 3 (3)

For reference here’s the book cover:


I hear you, you’re saying “HOLYOMGTHATSAMAZING” and you want one of your own?

Well, hit up her facebook page ASHENFIRE ORIGINALS, give it a like – share it with your friends too! Her journals are all custom made with beautiful detail!

You can let her know you like something she’s already done, ask for something unique to you, or just see what inventory she has on hand. Journals start around $40.00. Be sure to tell her that her big sister sent you – and oh tell her HAPPY BIRTHDAY – she’s a Groundhogs Day baby!



  1. That is amazing! She is very talented, you are too.
    Most of my family are very good at drawing except me, I don't know what happened lol.

    Rivie @ Bookshelf

  2. Wow... talk about talent! Definitely heading over there to check her out! :D



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