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{Top Ten Tuesday} 37


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. It was created because of their love of lists, and I myself love lists as well - so you will see it frequently popping up on MMSAI.

Everyone is welcome to join in, and don't worry if you can't think of 10 - just do as many as you can. And of course, be sure to link back to TBATB (and leave me a link here too!) on your post!
As always they are in no particular order.

This Weeks Topic is:

Top Ten Most Frustrating Characters Ever!

1. Edward CullenTwilight – Yep, I said it, one of the most frustrating characters I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading about.  Why? He’s a complete masochist, that’s why.

2.  Quinlan Lacey – Drain You – Not to make a comparison, but she’s kind of a Bella Swan in this, and I feel at times, she’s even worse and you can’t help but want to shake her and go “he’s a vampire you moron, run!”

3. Keatyn Johnston – The Keatyn Chronicles – Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the series so far…but sometimes Keatyn has her head stuck too deep in the sand to realize just what’s going on around her.  Love her to pieces, but ugh!

4. Dane – Illusion – He was such a great guy, but aggravating and frustrating because a lot of the time I just wanted him to open up and be nice.  When he was nice, he was astounding, but when he was a decrepit old man it was beyond words.

5. Finley Sinclair – There You’ll Find Me – By the end of the book, I truly loved Finley.  What was frustrating throughout was her inability to listen and be more open to things.

6. Nina Oberon – XVI series – Dystopian I love, when people don’t listen and want to go against all morals of life, I don’t.  Though I come to enjoy her, it’s also heartbreaking at times to see her go against so many people and things.  I guess when you’re left out in the dark though, it tends to happen?

7. Harry Potter – Harry Potter series – Another one you’re all thinking “holy crow did she really just say that!?” but truth be told, reading the books (and let me tell you Daniel Radcliffe did translate the character SO well), I at times just wanted to take Harry, shake him, and tell him that maybe sometimes he should listen to his friends!

8. Jadyn – That Boy series – I just put another Jillian Dodd character up.  Sorry Jillian!  But she does frustrating characters really well!  I think I got so frustrated at times with Jadyn because there are so many aspects of her that remind me of me…and I frustrate myself.

9. Perry – Experiment in Terror series – Again, it’s a character that I can totally relate to, and since I frustrate myself, Perry frustrates me!

10. Four – Divergent – I haven’t been able to read Insurgent yet (don’t shoot), but I’m hoping his frustrating ways become less.  I think because he’s so hidden in identity throughout the entire first book, I get really irritated.

It was actually kind of hard to come up with Ten characters for me.  Maybe it’s because a lot of books, I really do tend to only read once and if the character doesn’t stick with me, they don’t make any sort of impact?  Either way, leave us a comment with your TTT most Frustrating Characters and we’ll peruse them!

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  1. Great choices! I completely agree with you on Edward. I mean come on, Eddy! Stop making life so hard. ;)

    My Top Ten

  2. Haha Edward really is a masochist. And I agree about Four! I haven't read Insurgent yet, but I'm excited to see how he is as his real self. Great list :)

    Here's my Top Ten!

  3. Ha! You're right about Edward and I also added Harry (we did the whole thing about Harry Potter's most annoying characters). ~daphne

  4. I definitely agree with the choice of Harry - I like him for the majority of the series, but when starts getting angry and shutting people off and claiming that he has it so much worse that everyone else, I found him incredibly aggravating! Even though he was in a pretty unique position, it was still frustrating to read about.

    I haven't read Drain You yet, and I was always quite intrigued by it, but I'm not sure I can deal with a main character if she's as wet as you describe!

  5. Hahahahahahaahhahhaha EDWARD CULLEN! Preach!

  6. I am so with you on Harry! He's just so infuriating sometimes, the way he doesn't listen to reason but always has to barge in and make a mess of things. I loved the books but half the time I just wanted to shout at him.

  7. I agree with you when it comes to Edward Cullen. And the whole mysterious side of Four was very irritating, especially since we didn't really learn anything about once the book ended.

  8. At first when I saw Harry Potter...I was a little distressed. Then, I read your reasoning, and I agree with you there. Sometimes, especially when he hits puberty he is super frustrating. Great list!

    My Top Ten

  9. I'm soooo glad you put Harry there. Because while I didn't think he was frustrating normally, I think it was the beginning of book 6, where he was complaining the entire time because no one would tell him anything? That was soooo annoying!

  10. Aww, Harry, he is quite frustrating but it does make him a realistic teenage boy and hero!


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