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{Spotlight Feature} Jesse Petersen

We are BEYOND thrilled to have Jesse Peterson on the blog! You know Jesse Petersen – she’s the author of the hilarious and fantastic Zombie books MARRIED WITH ZOMBIES, FLIP THIS ZOMBIEEAT, SLAY, LOVE and just released as an eBook, the final book in the series: THE ZOMBIE WHISPERER.


Jesse took some time out of her busy writing schedule to show us where it is she actually does all that fantastic writing from! So check it out!!


Hi everyone and thanks to Amber for letting me be a part of the blog today! She asked me to write about what’s on my desk. I actually love this topic because I like looking at other people’s houses. When we were looking for our new home in Tucson in 2011, I loved nothing more than searching through pictures people had put up of their homes and walking through those homes later. I think I might be nosy. Anyway, I took a few pictures of my own. First, here is a picture of my desk:


As you can see, I have a desk. So there’s that. Some writers don’t write at a desk, but I do. I find a get distracted and cranky when I write books on the couch or at the dining room table or something. So this is my desk. It’s new-ish. When we moved across country, we sold EVERYTHING in our house pretty much. When we got here, I refurnished my office and I love it. I love the style, I love the black, I love where it’s sitting (in front of that window, which I’ll get to in a minute). It’s my comfort spot and I’m never moving again.

But now let’s get to what’s ON my desk. I did a few closer images. Here is the left side of my desk:


You’ll notice a few things first. My lamp is a cheap one from Target and I hardly ever use it (natural light or my overhead are the two lights of choice in my office. But it has a New York skyline in words on it, so it makes me happy. The steampunk cat picture is a Christmas gift from my friend Stacey. Adorable, right? It’s such a perfect new addition. And the calendar is a Awkward Family Photos calendar, pets addition. It makes me laugh every morning. The big white binder is my Oro Valley Relay For Life binder. I recently volunteered to be Event Chair for the Relay and so when I’m not writing, I’m probably working on that. I’ll also be doing a fundraising raffle for Relay for Life.


This is the middle of my desk. My blotter has notes all over it, both for my current book and for edits and a book idea and a big thing about taking my nephews to swim this past Tuesday. I like having that big, white space to doodle on because my to do list gets full pretty fast. My laptop is my main writing mechanism. It used to be my desktop, but when we moved I had access only to my laptop and I got used to it. Now it’s just easier having everything on that machine. The picture is of my husband at his MBA graduation in 2006. The little girl toy is from my BIL, SIL and nephews. Inside is a little note from them about remembering that I’m loved. So I set it there and remember it when I see it.


This is the right side of my desk. You’ll see my screen for my old desktop. I should honestly just get rid of it since I never use it, but I haven’t gotten there yet. The cute little gray guys are actually my desktop speakers. Adorable. My mousepad is actually a to do list from Pier One. Keeps me somewhat organized. You’ll see a McDonald’s Diet Coke (I usually have a Coke Zero Vanilla in a glass with ice, but today I stopped for a DC from McDonald’s after errands. I have a mostly empty SobeWater, too, which I was a good girl and drank before I started on caffeine this morning. I rarely snack while writing, but I drink a lot. The big pile of notebooks are a master to do list, my kindness list (I’m trying to do something kind every day this year), a blog notebook, notes for my current project and a folder with proposals for my Jesse Petersen persona that by the time this posts, should already be with my editor. Once I’m done with something for the day I TRY To stack it back on the pile in some order so that I can find it later. When I get heavily into writing, though, that tends to get tossed.


Finally, I give you my view. Normally my blinds are open and through my tree I can see my mountain (we’re cutting the tree down some time this year, so then I’ll have a clear view). Also the comings and goings of my neighborhood, which sometimes makes for good fiction in itself.

So that’s what’s on my desk. Hope you enjoyed the tour! Be sure to pick up THE ZOMBIE WHISPERER at online retailers everywhere to see what I wrote at that desk.



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  1. Thanks for sharing Jesse!!!! I'm such a fan of this series and I was sad to see it ending. But I'm very excited to get this last book! Best of luck to you and I can't wait to see what you come up with next :)


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