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{Q&A} Brodi Ashton

Woot – it’s time for more Brodi Aston! I tell you what, we are loving being her official blogger for Dark Days! Today we have a slumber party interview with Brodi Ashton! ENJOY!!!


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MMSAI First off Brodi, welcome to Me, My Shelf and I!

We really wish that we were conducting this interview in person, all cozy in outrageous pajama’s with snacks all around us, slumber party style! (Wouldn’t that rock!?) Then we could sit up for hours and discuss all kinds of things…the really important things like chocolate and hot fictional boys!! I guess we will just have to do this the old fashioned way, through e-mail and just plan a slumber party for the near future. *sigh*

Since I already said “hot fictional boys”, let’s start there – because seriously, HELLO JACK AND COLE! In any book, I have always been able to pick a team immediately and stick to it. Confident in my choice of fictional boyfriend….EVERNEATH is the first book that has ever had me going back and forth, and back and forth….and back…and forth…!  Be honest, are you on a team?

BRODI When we talk teams, Ilike to think in terms of the zombie apocalypse. Both guys would be on my zombie-fighting team for different reasons. Jack would be the muscle. And if the zombie hoards ever became too overwhelming, he’d also be the first one to sacrifice himself so the others had time to get away. Cole would provide the background music for our zombie battles, and if the zombie hoards ever became too overwhelming, he’d be the first to throw Jack into the oncoming deluge so he and Nikki could get away.

MMSAI EVERNEATH totally rocked me emotionally. I used a whole box of tissues, and my sleeve! (possibly a blanket, but don’t tell. I was desperate!) How was writing it?

BRODI Writing it was very emotional for me as well. At the time I was writing it, my father was ill with cancer, and I felt like I was in a dark place emotionally. EVERNEATH came out of that dark place. Also, I loved Jack so much, so I totally shed tears at the end.

MMSAI NEVERFALL a EVERNEATH novella is out Dec 26th, tell us about it!

BRODI I’m so excited for NEVERFALL because it’s told from Cole’s perspective. One of the most common questions I get from readers after Everneath is: “What does Cole really want? Does he love Nikki? Or is he just using her?” Well, with NEVERFALL, we get a good look into Cole’s brain and his heart as he searches the world over for answers about Nikki. He even confronts a dangerous society known as the Delphinians, and gets into loads of trouble when he tries to double-cross them in order to protect Nikki.

I had so much fun writing from Cole’s perspective.

MMSAI And then, right after that we get *excited flail that spontaneously turns to tears of joy* EVERBOUND on January 22nd. What can your rabid readers expect to find between those covers? 

BRODI If you’ve read EVERNEATH, you know exactly what needs to happen in EVERBOUND. Jack has just made the ultimate sacrifice for Nikki, taking her place in Hell. Now Nikki wants to do what’s never been done before: she wants to go to the Everneath, traverse its dangerous landscape, and save the boy she loves. In order to do this, she must form a tense alliance with Cole.

It’s full of (dare I say, “fraught with?”) danger, intrigue, betrayal, zombies, and Shades.

MMSAI In October you hosted a contest on your blog, having fans suggest titles for the 3rd and final book in the EVERNEATH series. Of all the amazing suggestions, what were some of your favorites?

BRODI There were so many! I’m not sure I can say my favorites without giving away the actual title though…

MMSAI There is this super funsegment in US Magazine I see each week called 25 Things You May Not Know About me, where celebs tell you, well really the title is rather self explanatoryisn’t it? Wanna try it? Let’s do 10 Things You May Not Know About Brodi Ashton – GO!

1. I have a parrot. Named Pigeon Scout McWidgerton

2. Instead of returning RedBox DVD’s to the RedBox machine, I occasionally return the DVD’s to the garbage can next to the machine.

3. I will watch the movie Aliens anytime it is on T.V.

4. I have celiac disease, which means I can’t eat gluten. Which means I can’t eat cookies or bread. Which means I’m sad a lot.

5. I am a pro-wrestler of my two boys. But if anyone resorts to tickling me, they have to go to a time out. Because I hate being tickled more than I hate natural disasters. Which I love.

6. I backpacked through Europe when I was eighteen.

7. I’ve had a bodyguard once in my life, when I went to Pakistan a few years ago. I felt very important.

8. I used to be a television news anchor in Idaho.

9. I regularly crack myself up.

10. I regularly kiss my parrot on the lips.

MMSAI On MMSAI, we always ask one…off-the-wall kind of question. Here’s yours: If you could be a superhero, what would your power be and what would your costume look like?

BRODI Invisibility. My costume would be nudity. (Naturally)

MMSAI Brodi, it has been a pleasure having you on MMSAI! We hope you’ll make it to MN soon to have that slumber party!!

BRODI Thank you for hosting me! And thank you for braiding my hair! I loved the slumber party.




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  1. I can't wait to read Everbound! Wonderful Interview, Thanks for sharing it :)


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